What is the 4th Dimension

 Does the 4th Dimension Exist

Many people think that time is the 4th dimension as in Spacetime where the 3-spatial dimensions tell you a location and the time tells you when. But time isn’t a physical dimension. Now to answer your question you want to know if a 4th-dimension exists? As you can see we can’t measure a 4th dimension because there are only 3-spatial dimensions. But just because we can’t measure something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. 

Where is the 4th dimension of the universe?

Dimensions are mathematical measurements and time is only a bunch of numbers. 

Numbers are measurements of things but the measurement is not the object you are measuring. 

Time is a measurement of motion but the reading on a clock isn’t the motion we are measuring. 

Science uses math as a tool to study and examine the physical universe. 

We need numbers to keep track of the day and we measure the size of objects and the speed of things. But do you realize that numbers aren’t real things? 

Time is a measurement of the motion of our planet but the clock’s measurement isn’t the motion. The real power is in the motion of the universe.

Again I want to point out that a measurement of something is not the object. The map isn’t the territory! The real power is the energy of motion and the energy in the universe. 

We can’t see or measure this energy but it’s real and it exists. If the universe has many dimensions we can’t see them or measure them. 

There are only 3-spatial dimensions and time isn’t a dimension. Let’s learn to think of dimensions of the universe as different energy levels.

What are Energy Levels

I started out trying to understand the size and shape of the universe. 

I remember thinking that space was like a sea of nothingness and the universe is like a balloon floating in empty space. 

Then I imagined that the space inside the balloon was expanding the balloon-shaped universe into the nothingness of space. 

My new theory of energy levels makes it easier to imagine what the universe is. 

I propose that the Universe is a kind of container that has different levels of energy. 

Before I talk about the container of the universe I want to explain what different energy levels are. 

The difference in energy levels is frequency. Just like light is made of many frequencies and the higher the frequency the more energy in the light. 

Light can change to lower or higher energy levels but the speed of light remains constant. 

All matter can change into 4 different shapes and energies. 

 For example, ice will change to water if heat is applied, water changes to gas if more heat is applied and gas can change to a plasma at a very high temperature and frequency. 

Matter has 4 different energy levels so maybe the space in the universe can have 4 different levels of energy? 

What Holds Space Together

What holds stuff inside of space? My new idea is that a nothingness of space doesn’t exist.

To have nothing of something doesn’t make sense. I know you can run out of eggs and have none left but eggs still exist elsewhere. 

Either space exists or it doesn’t exist and since we are in this space studying it then space must exist in the universe.

In order, for space to be a physical thing, it must have some physical properties. 

It should have a size, shape and energy (or mass).  If you take everything out of the universe it still has a temperature of 2.7 degrees Kelvin. 

To me, that means the universe is in a thing (space) that has energy. For the time being, I will leave the shape of the universe for another topic. 

The universe must be inside a container that holds the universe and space together because an emptiness of nothingness can’t hold anything. 

To make sense of this idea there must be a container of space for the universe.

Is the universe in a container of 4 energy levels that are expanding?  

Space as a Container

The popular opinion is that energy entered the universe during an event called the Big Bang.

Inflation theory states that the size of the universe grew into this huge universe in less than one second.

Currently, research shows that the universe is expanding and accelerating outwards.

It’s logical to think that more space is being created as the universe expands but that doesn’t make sense to me. 

My new idea is that during the Big Bang event energy was funnelled into a container that had two separate vessels and that each vessel has 4 different energy levels.

Note that, this blog is copyright protected and my idea is going into my new book that explains the evidence of cosmology in a new way. 

The flow of energy moves into the universe and back to the Source of all energy.

In this diagram, energy enters the universe from a nonphysical source and into the 6th dimension which is the highest energy level of the physical universe. 

Because science doesn’t recognize that other dimensions exist my new idea is to call each dimension a separate energy level of the universe. 

I’m asking you to hold your disbelief until I explain these energy levels. 

When energy enters the universe it has almost as much energy as it did in the nonphysical source dimension (realm). 

Therefore, the energy isn’t going to expand because it’s cooling and shrinking into a lower energy level which is the 6th dimension energy level of physicality. 

When energy enters this level of the universe it changes into a physical form and it is separated into antimatter and normal matter and undergoes entanglement. 

Artist’s version of entangled bacteria

Spooky Action at a Distance

Entanglement is a process that happens during a powerful quantum reaction that produces matter and antimatter.

Einstein called it spooky action at a distance because the two types of matter will share a future history with each other.

That means if something in the future happens to one of the “twin” particles the other particle will know immediately even if they are separated by time or distance. 

The 6th dimension energy level separates the energies into the twin 5th dimensions where they cool down and enter a phase transition into the 4th dimension energy level. 

After cooling down the energy finally enters the 3rd dimension energy level.

The 3rd dimension is what we are familiar with as the lowest form of physical matter. 

We know that the observable universe is expanding and accelerating outwards but where is the expansion of the 3rd dimension going? 

Black Holes are Phase Transitions

Matter is attracted to the strong gravity of Black holes. Inside Black holes, there is a critical phase transition where energy is converted into a higher frequency level. 

Black holes use a process that’s opposite to the Big Bang event. During the big bang, energy cooled down into lower dimensions of energy levels.

In Black holes, energy and matter move into higher dimension energy levels. This is how energy starts to move into higher energies and finally back to the Source. 

We’re experiencing global warming and climate change as we are moving into higher energy levels of the universe.

I think that the new COVID-19 virus is a higher energy virus that exists in the 4th dimension energy level.  In other words, we are probably entering the 4th dimension of energy now. 

The Conclusion

When all the energy goes into the 6th dimension the entangled antimatter will meet normal matter and a Big Bang will annihilate all energies and send them back to the Source. 

This process is the exact reverse of the creation of the universe. It’s the end of the universe.

The conservation of energy will be fulfilled when the energy pushes through the final energy level and back into the nonphysical Source. 

I hope that you were able to follow my idea that we are in the 4th dimension energy level of the universe now. 

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Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe work. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and science in your life. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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