Time and Space in the New Age

 Time and Space In The New Age

 Time and space are an illusion for the Soul, but they’re a real experience when living in the world. We experience sequential time daily, but we don’t know the meaning of time. The veil of ignorance lifts when we connect with the Soul. 

Our language is bound by time, and it’s impossible to describe multidimensional systems and the concept of Eternal Now. We live based on linear time and grow older daily, believing nothing exists outside of time. Let's make sense of time and the concept of eternity in the realm of the Soul. 

The physical body is our vehicle for experiencing life, but we have two personalities driving the vehicle. Our body is connected to our mind and our Soul. We experience our bodies, and we control our actions, grow old, and die while our minds remain young. It's the soul that stays young and never dies. It’s a paradox of eternity in one finite moment. The truth is more complicated than what we can imagine. 

Consider that the Soul is connected to the Source of infinite power most people call God. The name we call our infinite Source varies, but each Soul is an eternal being living temporarily in our body. 

There are many conflicting opinions about time. Einstein said it’s relative; some say it doesn't exist, is eternal, or splits into infinite parallel dimensions. It’s impossible to describe what can’t be described by our physical brains. 

Regarding time and space, we should mention the Space Brothers, who work with multidimensional spacecraft. The Space Command is under the direction of a being called Ashtar, who has a higher frequency than the physical world. Using etheric-nonphysical spacecraft, they can transport beings from other planets to Earth or vice versa. To them, it’s standard interdimensional transportation.

Time and Our Spiritual Soul

The eternal Soul exists outside of our physical world. It would be bigger than the physical Earth if it could enter our dense frequency. You can imagine that the Soul wouldn’t fit inside our body, so at birth, we only get a tiny spark of the Soul. 

The metaphysical explanation is that the greater Soul is divided into 12 and maybe 24 “sparks” of the Soul. One of these sparks lives inside our body and enters shortly after a baby’s birth. In the same way, the other sparks animate other lives. Thus, you are related to many other beings who might be on any planet in the universe. If you meet one of these Souls, they are your soulmate, and you have a powerful connection to them. Each one of these soulmates is experiencing physical life and is connected to the Now moment of eternity.

When one Soul learns a new lesson or experience, it downloads to the OverSoul, who benefits from the knowledge and processes it into wisdom. Ultimately, wisdom goes all the way to the infinite Source. In this synergistic manner, everything is happening at the same moment. Your experience trickles down into your “group Soul,” and everyone in your group benefits from the knowledge. When another soulmate gains knowledge, it triggers your knowledge. Imagine this paradigm on a planet with 8 billion people connected to at least 88 billion other souls. 

At the level of Source, everything is happening at the same Eternal moment, but in the universe, that eternal Now moves at the speed of light with the linear lifespan of the universe. Humans experience the motion of the Earth as time. But Earth time doesn’t exist outside of our physical world. Similarly, the Source is timeless and moves by the evolution of consciousness, not by the movement of time. The Earth doesn’t have infinite parallel dimensions, as some psychics say. However, our choices are infinite, and we can select our experiences based on infinite choices. However, we live in the Now moment in one universe on one Earth.

The Angelic Kingdom

The Angelic Kingdom works directly with Source without having Free Will to evolve. They possess all the knowledge and experience of Source to help us evolve. During the Atlantean era, the scientific priesthood misused the Elemental/Devic Kingdom. There was a power struggle causing the continent of Atlantis to sink into Earth’s crust. Therefore, the planetary hierarchy placed a veil between the Devic Kingdom and humankind to prevent the “dark” forces from controlling its power. Now, the veil is being removed to allow the flow of New Age energy from Mother Earth into mass consciousness.

The Ten Archangels

Ten Archangels direct the Angelic Hosts known as Angels. Each Archangel is assigned specific duties to help evolve consciousness.

Metatron works to raise your awareness and connect you to the Source. He teaches physical manifestation using the Light within you.

Raziel is working to enlarge the act of creation by experimenting with manifestation. He can send all the angels to do whatever is necessary to complete his task.

Tzaphhkiel has joy and love to focus on the changes of the New Age.

Tzadkiel is a visual manifestation of love and is helping the evolution of consciousness.

Khamael works to give focus and energy where needed to help the production of any task.

Michael is well known as a defender of truth. He defends your right to free will in a just manner.

Auriel uses diplomacy to smooth over trouble spots. With his harmonious attitude, he has the energy to calm people and help the art movement in countries.

Raphael can logically decide the best way to accomplish things and assist in your best practice.

Gabriel helps us transcend the physical world and focuses on manifesting creative activity.

Sandalphon is involved with the New Age, transforming energy to higher levels.

We can ask any Archangel to help us, but most of the time, we can use our Soul level to navigate any situation.

Atlantis and the Pyramids

The Atlanteans built the great pyramids at a time when they manipulated the Devic Kingdom and created beings from dark forces. For example, the great sphinx was a real lion with a humanoid head. On top of the pyramids, they placed crystals with unique characteristics from the Mineral Kingdom. 

The Egyptian civilization originated in Atlantis when they colonized Egypt. Following the fall of Atlantis, several more areas were colonized by the departure of Atlanteans. The Mayan civilization was an early outpost of Atlantis, and many Atlanteans joined civilizations in Europe and South America. 

At the height of Atlantis, they had gained knowledge from extraterrestrial civilizations. They had spacecraft powered by crystals that could travel in space and underwater. These vessels were multidimensional in nature, but they didn’t have a strong connection to higher consciousness. After Atlantis sank, most of the aircraft technology was lost, and when the connection to the Devic Kingdom stopped, the power of the pyramid crystals ceased. The end of Atlantis was the end of a Golden Age, causing the civilizations on Earth to fall into more primitive ways. The American one-dollar bill has a pyramid symbol with an all-seeing eye. It shows that the energy from Atlantis is still remembered in worldwide art and American money. 

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