The Ultimate Meaning of Consciousness

The Ultimate Meaning of Consciousness

 What is consciousness?  Consciousness is a fascinating but elusive phenomenon. It has been impossible to specify what it is, what it does, or why it has evolved. 

Nothing worthwhile has been written on it. Many fall into the trap of thinking consciousness is being conscious and aware of the external world. 

If awareness of the environment is the definition of consciousness, then even birds and insects have consciousness. 

If awareness of awareness is required, then it is doubtful whether the great apes and human infants have consciousness. 

The term can only be defined with a grasp of what consciousness means. But the definition is complicated because it has unintelligible words for a scientist or younger person.

A Possible Explanation of Consciousness

I will offer a definition and explanation of the ultimate meaning of consciousness. 

A law describes the way things work without giving an explanation. Laws and theories can lead to correct predictions, but a true theory goes further by explaining. 

There's a difference between a description and an explanation. We could accurately describe how awareness gives rise to consciousness without knowing how or why. 

Today let's use our moment of science and focus on moments of silence. Very few people practice inner silence and stillness of thought. 

Even our thoughts are not always under our conscious control. 

We may have difficulty stopping a stream of thoughts running through our heads as we try to go to sleep, which is also why meditation is difficult. 

Call it meditation or silence, but when it's correctly performed, you get a deeper understanding of life and a feeling of being disconnected from your physical body. 

Many say it’s a wonderful sensation of being in peace and love. However, it's the connection to your higher self and the Source of consciousness.

Meditation can give us the awareness of being multidimensional and separate from our body. The physical body contains our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  

The spiritual body is often called our intuition, soul, or gut feeling.  The connection to our higher self depends on the level of our awareness of consciousness. 

Saying it another way, your awareness of consciousness depends on how strongly you connect to your inner soul. 

Your soul is always present and waiting for you to recognize and ask it to be in your thoughts. 

How Does The Soul Connect To The Body?

People ask how does the soul enter our body and when does it happen? Here is an explanation to help visualize what happens. 

A person only has one soul, so a pregnant woman shares her soul with her fetus. 

During birth, a spark of energy enters the fetus into the pineal gland and then attaches to the endocrine system. At this moment, the soul enters the fetus, and it becomes a human baby.

The Eastern teachings explain the energy as Pranayama, and the seven chakras describe the energy zones in the body. 

The Chinese call it Chi and use the art of yin-yang to describe the life force. The life force gives life to all organic things, and the soul brings consciousness to the body.

Similarly, consciousness enters the Universe. To understand consciousness, think outside the box. 

The Big Bang event (birth) created the body of the Universe, and a flash of energy entered with the laws of physics, maintaining a connection to its source of consciousness. 

The Universe is a living entity in the same way we are. When a person dies, their soul energy returns to its higher self and reincarnates into another lifetime. 

When the Universe ends, everything returns to the Source of consciousness, where it may create another universe. 

Where Does Consciousness Come From

The Universe started with a bang from the Source of consciousness. 

There’s no doubt in my mind that the universe is a creation, but where did it come from, and who or what is the creator? 

The energy of creation and evolution are connected to the Source consciousness. 

The Source is the consciousness of infinity, and the description of Source includes the oneness of infinite energy, eternal life, intelligence, and wisdom. 

You might think the description of consciousness resembles the description of God. But immediately, scientists ask where does God come from? 

God is the Source and evolution of consciousness, and the explanation is in this article. God was created

The explanation is that God was born from infinite nothingness--the opposite of infinity.  You can refer to God as the Source of consciousness or as the Source. 

The consciousness radiates down from the Source to all levels. As above, so below. But above all, the power that created the Big Bang has the same intelligence and purpose as the Source.

Energy from the Source of consciousness created the Universe and all physical matter. 

The dimension or realm of Source consciousness has wisdom, intelligence, infinite power, and is everlasting. 

Evolution took billions of years to develop single-cell bacteria, which evolved into the life of insects and animals.

Mother Nature is the Spirit of Earth, and she has a beautiful consciousness that maintains and supplies the life force energy.  

The Earth’s life force gives us the power to maintain the process of growth and cell rejuvenation. All we need to do is eat and exercise while the life force takes care of everything else. 

Imagine if the life force leaves us, we die, and if the Spirit of Earth leaves, the Earth dies. However, don’t worry; souls are eternal.

The Journey of Consciousness to Earth

High-frequency energy entered the Universe during the Big bang event bringing the seeds of consciousness. The Big Bang energy created matter that transformed into stars. 

When stars die, they create planets and galaxies. In other words, stars give birth to planets. 

The energy from Source evolved over billions of years into atoms, molecules, bacteria, and simple cell structures that made life. 

About 9 billion years after the Big Bang, in a far, far away Milky-Way Galaxy, our solar system and planet Earth were created. 

So consciousness created the Universe, and consciousness lives in its creation. 

That means that the mind of consciousness made the physical body of the Universe that has evolved into our physical body.  

Part of that mind is in the consciousness of Earth and our soul. The result is that Evolution continues to create, and Creation continues to evolve. 

Meanwhile, we are asking, what came first, the chicken or the egg? 

Start Thinking about consciousness. We are here to experience consciousness in a physical universe to evolve the mind of Consciousness. There you have it in a nutshell.

Our Soul Spark

We have a false belief that Apeman evolved and created consciousness.  

And we have a false assumption that people make people, namely that the human body creates life and consciousness. 

It certainly seems that way. I loved my wife, and she gave birth to our three beautiful daughters. Did we have children? Yes!  Did we create life? Maybe? Did we create consciousness? No!

The way to understand the process is to know that our body has a soul.

1. Souls were created at our Source by the mind of consciousness. 

2. Souls are eternal and never die. 

3. We can't create Souls, and no new Spirits/Souls are created in this Universe.

4. Humans contain the soul spark of our creator and the link to consciousness.

Consider that our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are separate. We should realize that the spiritual part comes from outside of our body. Just like the Big Bang came from outside the Universe. 

The Oneness of Source

The Source consciousness entered all parts of the Universe during the Big bang event. 

This consciousness has unlimited power, infinite resources and is the source of all science and energy. But nothing is static, and the only constant in the Universe is change! 

Therefore, consciousness is evolving using humans as vehicles. The consciousness that created the Universe is the consciousness inside of us. 

Therefore, the Universe was created for us to evolve the Source of consciousness.

Creation And Evolution

Creation followed a scientific blueprint and a process of evolution. Evolution uses a spiritual method to change matter into life. 

Billions of years later, animal man evolved to the point of being a vehicle that could hold consciousness. 

The next step was the creation of a human having the energy of consciousness. 

Consciousness from Source wants to experience its creation. 

Their exciting idea was to experience the world we created. Let’s find out what it's like to be in a physical world and body.

The plan was to enter the body of an animal and to use that vehicle to experience their creation. 

The method of this experiment required stepping the high-frequency energy of Source into an energy level that could exist at low frequencies. 

What happened next was alarming. The hand of spirit passed through matter and couldn’t touch it. The consciousness of Spirit can't experience a lower frequency. 

Then a hierarchy system was created to make smaller units of Source consciousness. The creation of energy levels explains everything.

The Hierarchy of Consciousness

The Source of consciousness used the energy of mutation to create an infinite amount of Spirits. 

To refresh your memory of how consciousness was born, read the article. God was Created. 

The consciousness of Spirits became the Spiritual Kingdom. 

Spirits are almost as powerful as Source consciousness, so the Spiritual Kingdom did all the work and planning of the Big Bang event. 

The process of creation involved stepping down consciousness to physical energy levels. 

Part of the Source consciousness mutated into the consciousness of Spirits. 

The Spirits created the Universe, and they wanted to experience their creation. 

It was necessary to lower their energy level into smaller parts by making the level of Souls. 

Note a capital letter on the word Soul means it’s connected to its parent Spirit. A small letter on the word soul means it's connected to its Soul parent. 

This is often confusing and difficult to explain, but it doesn't involve the church or religion. The church, as well as science, has failed to explain consciousness. 

Einstein's quote brilliantly says, "Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind." Furthermore, “What man calls science, religions call God."

The Journey of Consciousness into Humans

Consciousness had the desire to experience living in a physical body. 

Spirits divided their energy into the lower energy of Souls. 

But Soul consciousness was too massive to fit into animal man, so a Soul had to divide itself into smaller sparks of the Soul. 

Let's use the meaning of family to explain the terms. Each soul spark is related to its parent Soul, its grandparent's Spirit, and Source.

The missing link (soul) entered animal man's (Homo Sapien's) fetus to create a human having consciousness. 

The spark of consciousness enters the body at birth, and the soul lives in the endocrine system. 

This consciousness is not the mind or the body. But the soul uses the mind and evolves consciousness in the body. 

We are not the mind or the body. We are soul consciousness utilizing the mind and body. We are much greater than we can imagine. 

You won't find the soul connection in the brain or the DNA of life because it's separate from the physical body. 

The body is the vehicle for the soul, and the body will age and die, but the soul never dies. 

Your soul reincarnates lifetime after lifetime, evolving its consciousness while experiencing the physical world. 

However, the soul doesn't bring the memories from past lives into the next one. 

The soul's purpose is to experience creation and evolve its evolution of consciousness. 

Creation started the universe with the Big bang event, and Souls volunteered to experience life as physical beings helping to evolve Source consciousness. 

In Summary:

  1. The creation of our Universe evolves with us.

  2. The human soul is our link to consciousness.

  3. The missing link is the soul spark that attaches to the body at birth.

  4. New Souls are not created, and souls never die.

  5. Creation and evolution work together using consciousness.

  6. The purpose of life is to experience and evolve consciousness.

  7. Our soul is always connected to the Source of consciousness.

  8. Religion fails to understand Source and consciousness. 

My goal is to study the science that makes things work and understand our connection to the Source of everything. 

We should be concerned about the negative energy on Earth. Namely, fighting each other, especially in the constant wars. 

It's such an immature and ridiculous energy to fight and kill our fellow souls of consciousness. 

This negative energy is undermining the evolution of consciousness, which is our primary purpose in life. 

Deep down, we feel powerless to change the energy, but watching violent movies and arguing about politics or religion feeds negativity. 

I hope you resonate with my explanation. I encourage you to believe that consciousness is the ultimate truth.  We are more than just people; we are powerful Souls. 

Our journey of life and science evolves with the power and wisdom of consciousness. 

Use your emotions to sense your soul, intuition, or gut feeling, and learn to trust that voice. The ultimate truth is that your power and influence are greater than you can imagine!

Thanks for following my weekly offerings and for being here at https://lovinthings.com 

I am very grateful to offer my thoughts and feelings, and I hope it helps you with your journey. Take care, and be well xoxo.  Contact me at eriklovin@gmail.com

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