The Future Starts at the Present Moment

The Future Starts at the Present Moment

  Imagine you are walking in a forest, and you see a flash of light. Many events happen before your brain cells “see” the light. The flash of light enters your eyes, and the sensory neurons start processing a new sensation of light. The information goes to the brain for processing. Meanwhile, you are giving off infrared light simultaneously during these events. 

The universe is moving at light speed; as light enters your eyes a person is looking at you.

While you process a flash of light, a bullet is moving. Light and electron energy move toward the future, and a bullet hits you. The light from the gunshot is reaching the moon while you slowly fall. 

We experience life in slow motion, as light and energy move at light speed. The future arrives at the same speed as the motion of the universe. The past, present, and future moments happen simultaneously at the speed of light. Meanwhile, you fall to the ground by the acceleration of gravity, and the universe continues at the speed of light. 

The slow-motion description of falling reminds me of Leonardo Decaprio in the movie Inception. Remember the scene where the van falls slowly from the bridge?  A lifetime exists in a moment.

Einstein’s Relativity of Simultaneity

Einstein’s Relativity states that time is relative to your frame of reference and that these events are not observed simultaneously. Einstein used a mind experiment of simultaneous lightning strikes hitting a moving train to prove that simultaneity depends on your frame of reference. Scientists mostly agree with his interpretation, but he was wrong. The theory of relativity uses incorrect assumptions. The proof is in this article.

The universe expands at the speed of light in all things and locations. The motion of the universe doesn’t move at different speeds or times. All electrons move at the same speed as light because electrons emit light. The energy or frequency of the light depends on the atom or molecule. But the speed of all electromagnetic waves travels at the speed of light. The speed of light is constant and doesn’t change for different frames of reference. 

Time Travel isn’t Possible

Using time as a means of travel is impossible; you can’t travel away from the present moment of the universe. You will always be at the same moment of your beating heart and the absolute age of the universe. You can’t travel to a different period of history while the rest of the universe stays in the present moment. The universe moves at the speed of light to the future. The past motion doesn’t exist, and the future motion hasn’t started. Time is derived from the force causing motion and isn’t a separate thing that can move backward or forward. Clocks, however, are instruments that move faster or slower in different environments. Time comes from the action of motion that moves the universe. Time is a concept that lets us keep track of our daily actions, but time doesn’t cause actions. 

Time is a mathematical construct calculated from a constant motion. Thus, time isn’t a reality by itself; it only moves on clocks. We have all been misled by Einstein’s Relativity. Time in the Universe is absolute and moves at the speed of light, but time doesn’t cause motion. However, we can dream of the past and believe we can time travel. An example of memories from the past is this poem.

The Joy of Love

I felt the joy of love during the early years of marriage. On a warm night, I was going to my graveyard shift. Walking up the hill to my workplace, I saw an industrial compressor machine with the company’s logo in big letters that said JOY.

I wrote this poem about the joy I was feeling...

A smile on my face, a laugh in my ears, and a fabulous feeling in my heart.

Special moments bring tears to our eyes.

Look at your tears and feel the joy.

The windows to your soul are glistening wet, and in the teardrops are memories of joy.

Feel the mystery and the pounding sound of your heart in this moment of silence.

Tears are messages caused by truth, beauty, freedom, and, most of all, love.

The qualities of love are described by joy.

Oh joy, let me be with you always... 

I'm melancholy today and decided to write more than the usual “Science in Your Life.” Take a break from routine and feel the energy changing to autumn. The air is crisp and fresh in the morning and warm in the afternoon. Have a coffee break and enjoy alone time.

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Take care, and be well. 

With Lovin’ affection, xoxo.

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