The Definition of Motion and Time

 The Definition of Motion and Time

The scientific definition of time doesn't explain the concept of time. Some say events happen forward and backward in space (direction) and ask why events only happen in the forward direction of time. Thinking like that leads to false science. Movement in any direction uses duration of motion. 

Any movement has already happened in the past and doesn't exist in the present. Any motion moving backward is in the present moment and uses a duration of motion (time). 

Realize that movement uses motion duration, but the movement is not time.  

In physics, motion happens when an object changes its position over time. Motion is mathematically described in terms of displacement, or distance, using the measurement of an object's speed per unit of time. 

The main point is that motion must happen first. Time doesn't cause motion. A force acting on an object causes motion, and a clock can measure the speed and duration of the movement. Saying that time flies or that you move through time is scientifically false. 

Einstein thought relativistic speeds could stop time or change the rate of aging. Do you believe that time is responsible for your age? Time is very different than you have realized. 

Time is a personal history of your life in ways you don't know. We have been wrong about time. Clocks don't show the time or measure time. Clocks show numbers, and we convert the numbers into our concept of time. 

What is Time, and How Does it Work?

It’s important for people to know that time isn’t what we think. In the spiritual realm, time is eternal, and your thoughts are created instantly. In a physical world, time exists in a linear way, or more correctly, motion moves in a linear way.  

In our lifetime, we have a time delay before our thoughts manifest. We are wrong to think science is correct if a mathematical formula works. The math in Einstein’s special delicious sauce called Relativity seems to work. But Einstein misunderstood time, and we misunderstand Einstein’s relativity. 

Einstein postulated that if two simultaneous lightning bolts hit a speeding train, you would see the two flashes at different times depending on your frame of reference. I have falsified his theory in another post.  

Einstein concluded that "time" is relative to speed, but he was wrong. He measured the "time" required for light to travel to the different frames of reference, and in doing so, he was misled by the math. 

You can measure the time (duration) it takes light to travel, but you can’t use the speed of light to measure the travel time without knowing the distance. 

Time doesn’t exist except as a measurement of motion. Of course, the light will use a greater duration (time) to move farther. But light doesn’t use time to move. Light moves by electromagnetic force, and we can measure the speed and duration using clocks. 

Read this paragraph again, paying close attention to the exact meaning of the words. It's challenging to describe “time” without using language that's so time-dependent.

If you are on a train traveling at the speed of light, you are in Einstein's mind experiment. Trains or other particles don’t travel at the speed of light. Einstein’s mathematical description of his mind experiments uses imaginary clocks with imaginary observations of "time" on such clocks while moving at the speed of light. 

"Time" doesn’t slow down because of speed, and objects don't get shorter the faster they move. Time dilation only happens to physical clocks caused by gravity or acceleration. If you think a mathematical description of motion changes "time," you and Einstein are misled by time. 

Time isn’t physical; it's a concept. Time is a duration or measurement of motion made by using clocks and then translating the numbers into the language of time. 

Is Einstein's Theory of Gravity False?

Why do people believe in things we can’t see, feel, or touch, such as fairies, unicorns, or magic? I believe in imagination, intuition, and love. What’s the difference between magic and beliefs? 

Congratulations, you are amazing if you have a personal relationship with love and magic. 

I assume that Einstein’s math must support his theory, so scientists believing it believe in the magic of math. The point is that general relativity isn't a theory of gravity. It’s a geometric description of particles following a curved path because of the force of gravity. 

For example, a golf ball moves in a curved path, not in curved space. The only difference is if the speed of a golf ball is traveling at relativistic speeds, close to the speed of light, then Newton's law of gravity can’t accurately describe the path. But relativistic speeds don’t happen on Earth except for quantum particles.

The path that particles follow isn’t because of curved space. It’s simply a curved path. You make a false assumption when you believe that a mathematical description is a physical reality. 

Einstein clarified that the path is curved and that it's not a physical path. 

Scientists have made the blunder that Einstein warned them not to make. They think that light moving near a massive object in space follows curved space because photographs of a solar eclipse show curvature. 

Einstein’s equations of motion near the Sun show light curves around the Sun. Light moving near the big ball of plasma (the sun) causes light to bend toward it. However, that's logical because light enters a different medium, like when light bends in water.

GPS satellites have shown that time dilation occurs in satellite clocks, which led mathematicians to conclude that Einstein's general relativity was correct, proving space curves around objects. 

The force causing time dilation is gravity, not curved space. Einstein’s Relativity describes motion using the distance traveled per time, but descriptions aren’t real. When you look closely at Relativity, it’s just pure math. 

The theory has no physical power or force to cause these mathematical descriptions. A mathematical system cannot prove its operation without referring to something outside itself. Einstein was misled by magic, or did Einstein mislead us?

Does Time Have a Speed?

You know those days when nothing goes right, and it seems like time lasts forever? On the other hand, when everything is perfect, you don’t want it to end? Does time have different speeds? Or is it relative… 

Time doesn’t flow, move, run, or speed;- things do. Time is a concept that uses clocks to keep track of our daily events and activities. Thus, time only comes from clocks and exists in our minds. 

Clocks show us numbers, and we have to do some math to calculate the numbers meaning. If the numbers show 11:11, what time is it? You must use your brain to transform the numbers. 

Another misconception is that we believe time has a superpower. Namely, that time causes things to happen regardless of how you feel. But "time" isn’t what clocks show. 

Clocks show a number, and numbers don’t have any force to cause events. Numbers are descriptions of when events happen and of the duration of events.  Numbers label your age, but numbers don’t make you grow older. The time that a movie starts is a description for you to be there when it starts. But time doesn’t start the movie.

What happens if you could go faster than the speed of light? Einstein said that time stops at the speed of light, but he was wrong. Clocks stop working at the speed of light, not time. 

Clocks and time are different things. Clocks are physical and have mass, so they will not work at the speed of light because of gravity. On the other hand, time comes from the numbers clocks show, and numbers don’t have mass or speed. Time doesn’t stop; clocks stop ticking. 

There's another reason "time" stops at the speed of light. The universe is moving at the speed of light, and motion can't move faster than the universe's speed. Time comes from motion, and any motion trying to go faster than light cannot exist. 

Einstein was misled by time; I hope you can see the difference. It's "time" to wake up and realize the errors in relativity. 

"The Science in Your Life" shows how our observations influence our understanding of science. A golf ball follows a curved path, not a curved space. Light travels a curved path around the sun, but it's not curved space. The Earth orbits the Sun in a circular path, but it's not curved space. 

Don’t believe in magic when you can use logic and common sense.

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