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The Universe At The Start

The Universe At The Start The universe began during the Big bang event. The Big bang theory explains that an inflationary reaction gave us the observable universe, but there are several reasons why

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The Frequency of Energy

The Frequency of Energy Nikola Tesla said, "To understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations."Einstein's photoelectric effect proved that the frequency of light determines

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Simultaneity and the Present Moment

 Simultaneity and The Present MomentThe motion in the universe is happening at the same moment everywhere. Clocks are made to measure the motion of Earth’s rotation and tick at the same speed

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If Light Is Invisible How Can We See

If Light Is Invisible How Can We See ThingsLight is known as the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Do you think you can see light? I'm going to show you that you can't see light. You

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Are We Living In A Simulation?

Are We Living in a Simulation   Are we living in a simulation? It depends on how you look at reality. If God exists and is responsible for creation, then we are living proof that life is a creation.

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What Does the Universe Look Like

What Does the Universe Look Like   What does the universe look like with our eyes and with the largest most powerful telescope? The universe looks like a bubble of energy inside the infinite

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The Energy of Motion – And the Big Bang

The Energy of Motion - And the Big Bang   The motion of energy from the infinite Universe created our finite universe. Energy comes in many forms but what kind of dark-energy created the

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The Arrows of Time in the Universe

The Arrows of Time in the Universe    The Arrows of time in the universe gives us the experience that events always move forward. Can time stop or move backwards? Is the universe static

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What Everyone Should Know About Life

What Everyone Should Know About Life      What everyone should know about life is that we are not who we think we are. The universe started with a Big Bang event that evolved

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