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History of Humans on Earth Part 2

Humans have experienced two Golden Ages on Earth, and we are approaching another one.Planet Earth is the first free-will planet in this universe/galaxy. But what makes Earth more interesting is that

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A Brief History of Humans on Earth

A Brief History of Humans on Earth The origins of humans in our history don't resemble scientific evidence. The first apes appeared seven million years ago, walking on two legs. But they were animals,

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The Disappearance of Flight MH370

The Disappearance of Flight MH370 What happened to flight MH370 and its missing passengers?In 2014, scientists failed to find a missing Boeing 777 with 239 people. The idea that a sophisticated

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The Science of Getting Rich – Part 3 – How To Think

The Science of Getting Rich - Part Three - How to Think The famous Nikola Tesla said to understand the Universe, think about energy, frequency, and vibration. In 1910 Wallace Wattles wrote his

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The Science of Getting Rich -Part Two

Science of Getting Rich - Part Two  (Increase of life) Part one of the science of getting rich is that "Thoughts Are Things."  Part two explains why consciousness seeks to increase life.

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Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts Are Things! Your Mind is Thinking... Our beautiful mind creates thoughts into things.Our mind has many remarkable properties giving us the power of thought in a universe that seems

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The Time In Your Life

The Time In Your Life Time is the most important thing that we don’t own. We need to use it wisely and spend it on important things like being happy and healthy.The time in our lives is intertwined

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Discover New Ideas

Discover New Ideas  People have asked how you develop new ideas and information concerning science. Lately, I have been aware of something mysterious and out of control. When I begin writing,

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Freedom And Responsibility

Freedom And Responsibility In a democracy, we have the freedom of speech, religion, but as a Canadian citizen, you also have responsibilities:To respect the rights and freedoms of others.To obey Canada's

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