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What Is Time Dilation?

What is Time Dilation? Time dilation is a change in a clock's time due to a force such as gravity. I often say time has no power to change anything. But a GPS clock’s time could change using

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Is Time an Illusion?

Is Time an Illusion? You might say time isn't an illusion because you see the time on clocks. However, the time on clocks doesn't do anything and has no real power whatsoever. A clock is a tool

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How Do We Exist At The Same Time?

How Can You and I Exist At the Same Time? We have empirical proof that we exist at the same time. But using the word “time” makes it an interesting question. The definition of time doesn’t exist

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When You Look at Stars Do You See the Past?

When you look at stars, do you see the past?No. Here’s why. When distances are far away, you don’t see reflected light. You can only see the light source. The light isn’t an image of objects; the

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The Universe has Standard Time

The Universe has Standard Time.The fastest motion in the universe is the speed of light. Not only that, but the universe is moving at the speed of light. Therefore, we are moving at the speed of

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Time Is Like Gold – Part 2

Time is Like Gold: part 2  Time is like gold, treat it with care, and it treats you with respect. Last week I was lazy and missed two flights to China on the same day. This is part 2 of my trip

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Time Is Like Gold

Time Is Like Gold. Here is a story of a lazy man who missed the time to get his gold. His friend was a wealthy man, and one morning, the lazy man asked his friend, “Why does everyone refuse my

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The Time In Your Life

The Time In Your Life Time is the most important thing that we don’t own. We need to use it wisely and spend it on important things like being happy and healthy.The time in our lives is intertwined

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How Was Time Invented and Why?

How Was Time Invented, and Why? Humans invented clocks from the daily motion of the Sun. The Egyptians used a water clock in the 16th century BC. Then the ancient Romans made the first clock by measuring

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