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The Ultimate Meaning of Consciousness

The Ultimate Meaning of Consciousness What is consciousness?  Consciousness is a fascinating but elusive phenomenon. It has been impossible to specify what it is, what it does, or why it has

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The Story of A Miracle At Easter. True or False

The Story of a Miracle at Easter. True or False  The story of the Miracle at Easter is a Christian religious story about the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Was the event a miracle

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Our Life Force Energy

Our Life Force Energy Our Life Force Energy, Prana, Qi, and Chi are all the same, and inside all matter on Earth. In Hinduism, the life force energy or Prana is physical, mental, and spiritual

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Does God Still Exist?

 Does God Still Exist? To explain why God still exists is difficult. However, you don’t have to believe in God. During the Big Bang event, energy entered this dimension from another dimension.

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God Was Created, Where Did God Come From

God Was Created, Where Did God Come From?  Can we agree that everything has a beginning? Even the universe had a beginning, but what about God? Did God have a beginning? Did God always exist? If

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Is Your Soul The I Am Presence?

Is Your Soul The I Am Presence?   The I Am Presence is a human that is living a physical life and at the same time knows that he has a Soul. You are probably wondering if a soul exists and if

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Are We Living In A Simulation?

Are We Living in a Simulation   Are we living in a simulation? It depends on how you look at reality. If God exists and is responsible for creation, then we are living proof that life is a creation.

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What Are Dimensions

What Are Dimensions?What are the dimensions that allow the universe to exist? Do we live inside dimensions?There are 3 spatial dimensions to every object or container. We use all 3 dimensions to

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Is Consciousness The Life Force?

Is Consciousness the Life Force?     Is Consciousness the Life Force energy that makes us human and maintains our health? Does the life force keep us alive and provide us with consciousness?

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