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What is Consciousness and How can We Get it

What is Consciousness Consciousness is the ability to know that you exist and that you are aware of yourself as a separate entity having free will. Our physical, mental, and emotional

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The True Nature of Time and Gravity

The True Nature of Time and Gravity Starts with a Bang The Big Bang is our beginning of Time. It wasn’t really an explosion but more like a push of energy. If you are familiar with

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The Measure of Time

Measure of TimeWe can measure time and we can experience time. We can look at the time of day and plan a future event. But, what is time? What would you say? Could we time travel, is

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Vibrations of Matter

Vibrations of Matter What does the vibration of matter and the frequency of light have in common. To understand the universe Nikola Tesla said, “Think in terms of energy, frequency

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Light from Black Holes

Light from Black Holes On April 10th 2019 the first photograph of a black hole was posted on the internet. My post  on April 20th was about the Phase Transition state inside Black

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A Black Hole is a Phase Transition

A Black Hole is a Phase TransitionPhase TransitionPhase transition is when a substance changes from a solid, liquid, gas or plasma state to a different state. Every element and substance

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Neutrinos and Dark Matter

Neutrinos and Dark Matter Neutrinos were studied in Sudbury Ontario at the SNOlab, which is an acronym for the Sudbury Neutrino Laboratory. Why did Stephen Hawking visit the lab which

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What is Entanglement of Matter?

What is Entanglement of Matter?It was Einstein who said that Entanglement was “Spooky action at a distance.”Einstein didn’t believe what the math was saying but experiments have now proved that quantum

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What is Time in the Universe?

What is Time in the Universe? What is Time to us when we talk about time as something that happened to us or something we are doing in this moment? We store our past as memories

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