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Dark matter and Dark energy have been found in Black holes

Dark matter and Dark energy have been found in Black holesWhat is Dark matter and why is it invisible to scientists? Dark matter seems to be the cause of the expansion of the universe.

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Proof of Infinity and God

Proof of Infinity and God To prove that God exists is an impossible task. But, you don’t have to believe in God. However, you should believe that the universe entered this

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Changing the World One Person at a Time

Famous People Like You Changing the World You probably have a lot of ideas to make things better according to your personal taste. But, people that change the world are rare

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The Extra Dimensional Mind

The Extra Dimensional Mind The Mind vs. the BrainThe mind has dimensions that haven’t been explored yet. We have an extraordinary mind that allows us to think, plan, dream, imagine,

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The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of LifeHidden Treasure Let’s play a little mind game and try to find a priceless treasure hidden in plain site. Where can we hide an awesome treasure that will be

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Non Physical Dimensions

Non physical DimensionsA non physical dimension has no physical properties such as mass, length, size, shape and we can’t touch, smell, taste or see non physical things. That means

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Einstein is Time Invariant

Einstein is Time Invariant?Definition of TimeTime is defined as a measurement, as what the clock shows. This is a scalar quantity, like used to define a property of matter, such as

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How do Stars Create Black Holes

How do Stars Create Black Holes What is a Black hole? Where are the Black holes? How did black holes form? If you search google answers to these questions they all give the same

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Where is the Higgs Boson

Where is the Higgs Boson Where is the Higgs Field Today In 1964, Peter Higgs and 5 other scientists proposed that a certain mechanism was responsible to explain why particles

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