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The Amazing Light We See

The Amazing Light We See  Let's talk about the amazing light that gives us our vision of the world. My first book in the series Einstein was about light. Einstein: Blindsided By The Light

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Does Light Have Mass?

Does Light Have Mass? Light consists of photons. The question is, do photons have a mass? I think that photons have mass, just like neutrinos have mass. Scientists thought neutrinos were

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Why Does Light Have A Speed Limit?

Why Does Light Have a Speed Limit?   Here is a straightforward answer.  The universe began moving into space at the speed of light about 13.8 billion years ago.  And it’s

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Proof That Light Has Mass

Proof That Light Has Mass  Einstein said light has no mass. To explain why massless light is attracted to gravity, he invented General Relativity. Now a new theory explains that light has mass.I

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The Expansion of the Universe

 The Expansion of the UniverseAstronomers say that the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light. They measured the distance to galaxies and found that the farther away a galaxy is,

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Faster Than Light Speed

Faster Than Light SpeedIs faster than light speed possible? Read this article to the end for a surprising answer.Are you a fan of science fiction movies? My favorite science fiction show was Star Trek. The

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If Light Is Invisible How Can We See

If Light Is Invisible How Can We See ThingsLight is known as the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Do you think you can see light? I'm going to show you that you can't see light. You

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Einstein Was Blinded By The Light

Einstein Was Blinded By The Light Einstein worked as a clerk in a patent office when he began thinking about what it would be like if he could fly on a beam of light. Using existing theories, he came

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Motion in the Universe

Motion in the Universe  ~From the Big Bang Motion to the End of Time~Science doesn’t know that motion in the universe made gravity. A theory that Albert Einstein postulated is that gravity isn’t

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