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Are UFOs Extraterrestrial?

Are UFOs Extraterrestrial? Are UFOs government spacecraft or extraterrestrial spaceships? Lately, there have been many UFO sightings, and cell phones take good-quality videos, which people post on

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Dimensions of Space and Gravity

Dimensions of Space and GravityDoes Gravity Cause Spacetime Curvature? Many people think space and time are curved. Spacetime has a curvature in the mathematical path of motion, which is easily explained,

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Do We Have Proof That General Relativity Bends Space

Do We Have Proof That General Relativity Curves Space People refer to Einstein’s relativity as proof that the curvature of space causes gravity. There’s no “proof” that Einstein’s relativity

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The Concepts of Newton vs. Einstein

The Concepts of Newton vs. EinsteinThings are not what they seem when time and gravity are not treated properly. (Erik Lovin)Special Relativity came out in 1905, and Einstein said time is relative, but

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Proof That Light Has Mass

Proof That Light Has Mass  Einstein said light has no mass. To explain why massless light is attracted to gravity, he invented General Relativity. Now a new theory explains that light has mass.I

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Time is Relative to Gravity

Time is Relative to Gravity Time is relative to gravity, and gravity is a property of matter. Time is what a clock shows, and we use time to measure the speed and duration of daily events. Time

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Story Of The Falling Apple

Story Of The Falling Apple  The historical story about Sir Isaac Newton's eureka moment is that he was under an apple tree when an apple landed on his head. That started him thinking about what made

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Gravity is Alive in Amazon

Gravity is Alive in AmazonA new theory of gravity is in the bookstore on Amazon. I'm so excited to tell you the news!!!  I promised to give everyone my free eBook that explains gravity. It's

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A New Theory of Gravity

A New Theory of Gravity I am super excited to announce that my New Theory of Gravity will be published in a few days. It takes a lot of work, imagination, intuition, and thinking to develop something

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