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Does It Take Time?

Does It Take Time? Does it take time to do things, and can we measure time? For example, does it take time to travel? Do we use time to travel? Maybe you’re thinking about time travel, lol. If

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How Does The Theory of Relativity Change Time

How Does the Theory of Relativity Change Time The theory of relativity says that the faster the speed, the slower time passes. And that the greater the gravity, the slower the time. Are these

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Do We Have Proof That General Relativity Bends Space

Do We Have Proof That General Relativity Curves Space People refer to Einstein’s relativity as proof that the curvature of space causes gravity. There’s no “proof” that Einstein’s relativity

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Does Light Have Mass?

Does Light Have Mass? Light consists of photons. The question is, do photons have a mass? I think that photons have mass, just like neutrinos have mass. Scientists thought neutrinos were

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Can We Measure Time?

Can We Measure Time? Can we measure time? In my book Einstein: Misled By Time, I conclude that Einstein made a mistake in Relativity by measuring time. Here is another attempt to show that Einstein

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What Is Time Dilation?

What is Time Dilation? Time dilation is a change in a clock's time due to a force such as gravity. I often say time has no power to change anything. But a GPS clock’s time could change using

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The Concepts of Newton vs. Einstein

The Concepts of Newton vs. EinsteinThings are not what they seem when time and gravity are not treated properly. (Erik Lovin)Special Relativity came out in 1905, and Einstein said time is relative, but

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Einstein’s Errors In Relativity

 Einstein’s Errors in RelativityThis article isn't about fixing Einstein's errors but knowing why they need fixing. Your first step in understanding something isn't how something works but why

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