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Proof of Other Dimensions

Proof Other Dimensions Exist The proof of other dimensions in the universe took a turn for a bright future ahead as it became apparent that Einstein was wrong again. In 1905 Einstein

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The Growing Universe

What is the Universe Expanding into The Growing Universe The universe is growing or expanding at an increasing speed. Think about how a person grows from a baby to an adult

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Degrees of Movement

Degrees of Movement 9 Degrees of MovementWhat are the different ways that matter can move in 3 dimensional space? When I talk about the degrees of movement or degrees of freedom

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Global Warming to a New Dimension

Global Warming to a New DimensionGlobal warming is bringing us into a new dimension. The terms Global Warming and Climate Change are often used interchangeably. But, climate change

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Dimension of Consciousness

Dimension of Consciousness Words are inadequate to describe the Source or dimension of consciousness. I don't like to use the word God because it has so many meanings in our Religious

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Sexual Energy Meaning

Sexual Energy Meaning Sexual energy is more than natures way of continuing a species. Humans have inherited sexual energy from the animal kingdom but we use that energy in many

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Experience of Time

The Experience of TimeWe experience time like a diary where we store our past as memories while books write about the past as history. We plan our desires as something that will happen

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The Lost Dimension

 The Lost Dimension I lost my car key at the worst time. It’s always the worst time to lose your car key and for the love of science I looked everywhere twice. Lately things

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Spacetime is What Time

 Spacetime is what Time  I stopped using my watch lately and instead use my cell phone for the time. I never really understood if spacetime is real or only a mathematical

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