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Dimensions of Space and Gravity

Dimensions of Space and GravityDoes Gravity Cause Spacetime Curvature? Many people think space and time are curved. Spacetime has a curvature in the mathematical path of motion, which is easily explained,

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The 4th Dimension Is Motion

The 4th Dimension Is Motion The universe has three spatial dimensions of movement, but everything is static until something moves. We could consider the motion in the universe as the 4th dimension. What

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Time And Other Fictional Dimensions

Time And Other Fictional Dimensions  Time is said to be the 4th dimension. Is time a dimension, and does it exist elsewhere in the universe? Scientists blindly look for more dimensions in the

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Story of the Missing Key

Story of the Missing Key  My key was missing, and it was hiding in another dimension. It happened to me.I lost my car key, and for the love of science, I looked everywhere twice. They say you

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What Is A Dimension Anyway?

What Is A Dimension Anyway?  The word dimension has changed to mean several different things. A dimension is a measurement of objects, especially by architects, or as a deeper understanding of something

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What Are Dimensions

What Are Dimensions?What are the dimensions that allow the universe to exist? Do we live inside dimensions?There are 3 spatial dimensions to every object or container. We use all 3 dimensions to

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A Problem of Time – The Mechanics of Motion

 A Problem of Time - The Mechanics of MotionWhat is time? Does time travel work? How do we define time? It’s complicated because of our personal experience with time. We can feel motion when we

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What is the 4th Dimension

 Does the 4th Dimension ExistMany people think that time is the 4th dimension as in Spacetime where the 3-spatial dimensions tell you a location and the time tells you when. But time isn’t a physical

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What Dimension Are We In

What Dimension Are We InDimensions are misunderstood by most people but it’s not your fault. Mathematicians know only the 3-spatial dimensions, up-down. Left-right, and in-out. If you measure an object

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