Nothing vs. Everything

 Nothing versus Everything 

Try to imagine the concept of nothing. Nothing is a word that means the opposite of something. In the physical world, life gives us the duality of experiencing the opposite of everything. To know what something means is to know its opposite. We have hot and cold, wet and dry, in and out, big and small. Yesterday, I had $20, and today I have nothing left. Namely, the opposite of everything exists, so we can understand the difference between having something and not having it.

Imagine that you travel to a distant planet where the people have everything they can think of. They don’t have the concept of nothing since they can manifest whatever they think. They can’t imagine what nothing means because it’s impossible to manifest nothing. They explain that having nothing is impossible because they exist.

Nothing is a concept. To them, the concept of nothing is the opposite of everything. They prefer to have everything instead of nothing. They taught you to enjoy having everything and to forget about the concept of nothing. We exist; therefore, nothing doesn’t exist.

The opposite of nothing is infinite possibilities. The concept of nothing is nothingness, the opposite of what exists. We exist, and we cannot disappear into nothingness. The universe didn’t come from nothing, and when the universe or our life ceases to exist, it goes back to the infinite Source of everything.

The opposite of everything is nothing. Choose to have nothing or choose to have everything. However, you can’t have happiness without having grief. You can’t have wealth without having poverty. You can’t have peace without fighting, and you can’t have happiness without pain. You must have everything imaginable because you can’t have the opposite, which is nothing. 

A Better Understanding of Abundance.


Don’t think about something you don't want because you will manifest what you want or don’t want. Most of us fail to get our abundance by using the wrong thoughts. If you want wealth, don’t think about poverty. You can’t manifest wealth by thinking about poverty. Don’t help poor people unless you already have wealth and want to share it.

If you want a life of happiness, don’t worry or think about the things that don’t bring happiness. Only think about the things you want. If you want love, you must become loveable. Don’t think about fear or pain unless you want to experience the opposite of love.

You must love yourself first before you can love someone else. When you become loveable, someone is attracted to you with their love. 

If you want to get abundance, think about being abundant. Don’t be distracted by the opposite things, such as lack of money. You become what you think and feel. Use your thoughts and emotions to be abundant, and they will manifest for you. 

Some people think the universe came from nothing; for them, there might be some truth to their claims. Consider that we are connected to the Source that gives us everything,

Don’t be confused by religion or faith. If you’re religious, call it God; if you are an atheist, call it infinity. The realm of God is the source of everything. Infinity is the opposite of nothingness. Infinity is timeless and the source of everything.

If you feel the universe came from nothing, it’s because you came from the source of everything to the universe with nothing. You are born without memories of having everything. Life gives you nothing unless you work and ask for it. You feel abandoned and lost because everything you want is beyond your control. You ask why life is so difficult and why my family cast me out. You fall into blaming others for your problems, and you criticize others who have abundance. 

Get used to life. You have to use your life to get what you want. No one can give you everything you want. It’s up to you. You came here to manifest everything from nothing using your thoughts. It’s up to you. What do you want, what's your pleasure? So, start manifesting your success and wealth by using your higher mind. Look around and find your passion in this world of manifesting possibilities. 

The Principle of Vibration

Everything has a vibration. From the sounds we hear, the things we see, and inside all things, energy frequencies are vibrating. Nothing is at rest. Inside matter, quarks and electrons are vibrating. Everything is energy moving from the invisible to the visible. When frequencies slow down, the material world appears, and when frequencies speed up, energy activity becomes invisible.

For example, a fire changes a material into heat and light. The material becomes invisible, but we can feel the energy. Our thoughts are similar and made of energy vibrations. If we think of low-energy ideas, they manifest into pain and suffering. When we think of high-energy feelings, they give us happiness and love.

I heard someone say, “Gratitude is the lubrication of love.” When you feel grateful for what you have, the universe gives you more of that. But if you struggle with life, that’s what you’re thinking about, and the universe gives you more hardships. Our thoughts are like magnets attracting to us the things we’re thinking about. 

Manifesting Abundance

The main point is that the universe gives you what your mind thinks. The time lag between thinking and receiving prevents you from bypassing the system. Over time, you must hold the vision of what you want without thinking of what you don't want. Otherwise, the manifest doesn't work, and that's why most of us fail.

It is challenging to ignore what people are doing and only focus on your goal. But if your passion is strong, you can zero in on your vision with the focus of a hawk. For example, if I want to manifest a one-bedroom apartment for my budget, but I keep thinking of a bigger, more expensive one or in a different area.

Then, neither version will appear. If you try to manifest a diet plan to lose weight but you keep looking at food advertisements and pictures of food on social media, then it’s impossible to keep your vision of your goal. We can’t prevent thoughts from entering our minds, but we can control what thoughts stay in our minds.  

If this makes sense, add this step to your method of attracting abundance. I wish you success in your manifesting.

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