Meaning of Words used in Cosmology

Meaning of Words used in Cosmology

We use words to describe our universe and it’s important that we use words in cosmology with the correct meaning. 

When we use words to describe the structure of the universe sometimes words are inadequate and often they have the wrong meaning.

How about these following words? Do we use them in the correct way or are we describing things without even knowing what those things are. 

The Big Bang 

The Big bang is known as the event that started the universe but it wasn’t a bang or the start of everything. 

The start of the universe took place in another energy-level before the big bang. 

And, it wasn’t a bang like an explosion, it was more like a push of energy entering into a physical domain from an infinite Source of energy. 

We are still wondering how that event took place. 

My depiction of emergent energy.

The Universe 

The word Universe is supposed to mean everything in the universe. 

But if there are unknown areas or things in the universe people often use the word universe as proof that it isn’t in the universe because we don’t see it.

 Other dimensions exist but because we don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. 

The Source of energy that created the universe should belong to the meaning of the entire universe. 

Instead science says that the universe started at the Big Bang and before that there was nothing.

Science should keep an open mind because there might be many more things in the universe that we don’t yet know about.


This is a big pet peeve of mine. In math and science there are only 3-spatial dimensions so space was named as the 3rd dimension. 

But after Einstein the term Spacetime is used to describe space as the fabric of space where time is the 4th dimension. 

How can time be referred to as a dimension?

My newest idea is that we could call the 3rd dimension “The lowest energy-level” in the universe. 

Then the 4th dimension would be the 2nd-energy-level. The 5th dimension as the 3rd-energy-level and finally the 6th physical dimension as the 4th-energy-level. 

It makes sense that the lowest energy of space be called the 1st-energy level? 

Beyond the 4th-energy level (6th dimension) is the nonphysical source that created the Big bang event. 

Time of the Day 

What is the time? Well what is time? Time is a very misunderstood topic.

Time has been invented to keep track of events and to know when to go home for supper. 

Think about it, time is based on the motion of the Earth so it depends where you are on Earth to know the time of day. 

Earth time is only good on our planet and if you are traveling in space to another planet then time gets complicated. 

Time is what the clock shows you and it’s a number of the hour and minute. 

The motion of Earth is translated into years, months, hours, minutes and seconds. 

These numbers are measurements of an event such as the moment you looked at the clock.

But numbers are not real things that can do anything. Numbers have no power or force, all they do is measure motion. 

The past is becoming now, the now moment is happening and the future moment is starting now. 

Now is the only moment we have, enjoy this moment. 

The real power is in the motion of the universe and in our planet. 

What’s more real, the ticking clock or the rotating motion of the Earth?

Time Travel Real or Fake 

As discussed above time isn’t a real thing, it’s just a number. 

We have believed that time is real because we go to school on time and work on time. We get paid for the time worked as an hourly wage.

But it’s actually the motion of our energy that gets a wage and time keeps ticking when we sleep because the Earth keeps moving. 

Time isn’t what moves the universe, it's the energy of motion. Time is just a measurement of motion. 

We can’t travel using time and the motion that moves our world can’t stop or go backwards’

Time Dilation Real or Not

My short answer is that a clock can show a false time or stop but consider that the universe keeps moving just like the Earth keeps on spinning. 


 If a force of some kind slows down a ticking clock it doesn’t slow down motion. 

 The speed of light doesn’t slow down only a clock slows down.

It’s kind of sad that people think time is a real thing that can stop, move faster, be a dimension and even allow time travel. 

Measuring motion tells us nothing about what time is, just like measuring gravity tells us nothing about what gravity is. 

The real force in the universe is gravity and it controls the speed of time. 

Gravity causes motion and our clocks try to measure that motion but the force of gravity can give a false reading on clocks. 

For example, the GPS satellite’s motion or speed causes acceleration time dilation to go slower about 7 milliseconds per day. 

But the motion of the satellite stays the same only the clocks ticking changes. 

And, the lack of gravity in space allows the clocks to tick 45 milliseconds faster per day compared to another clock on Earth. 

The total amount of time dilation then is about 38 milliseconds faster per day. 

But the satellite itself isn’t going 38 milliseconds faster each day.

Only the ticking of the clock changes, but this time isn’t reality. 

The motion of movement is not changing and the age of a satellite isn’t changing. 

When you examine time dilation closely you see that time has no power or energy to do anything. 

What this really means is that Spacetime is a falsehood.

If the speed of light is invariant and time is in the speed of light how can time change? 

Only a clock's ticking changes not the motion of light or of the satellite. 

Spacetime in the Universe- Real or not?

Space-time is a mathematical model that joins 3 dimensions of space and time into a single idea known as the fabric of space. 

This four-dimensional continuum is known as Minkowski space. 

Together these two ideas help in the math of cosmology to understand how the universe works. 

But as mentioned above it’s a mathematical idea using geometry that is in equations to study motion in space. 

You should be careful that you don’t think that the map of space is the actual territory. 

Spacetime isn’t real in the same way time isn’t real.

Gravity is a Force  

One force that we experience every second of every day is the force of Gravity. 

We are so accustomed to gravity but we don’t know where gravity comes from?

Energy of motion is how we experience gravity or the lack of gravity if we fall down.

The gravitational force on Earth is measured as, g= 9.8 meters per second per second. 

Motion is related to the speed of light and gravity is also related to motion.

Gravity can be a force and an energy. It’s strange that we can measure gravity very accurately but science doesn’t know where gravity comes from. 

Einstein made gravity more complicated by saying it’s not a force. 

Einstein gave a description of how gravity acts with his General Relativity theory but he didn’t say what gravity is. 

Gravity is a force of attraction that comes from matter. 

During the Big bang event gravity didn’t exist until after the creation of matter (Quarks and Gluons). 

Gravity is a fundamental force that emerges only after matter forms during the construction of protons and neutrons. 

Black Holes have Gravity 

Black holes have such a strong force of gravity that not even light can escape from it. 

A lot in this statement is just wrong. A black hole happens when a giant sized star runs out of fuel and undergoes a supernova reaction.

Black holes have much less mass than the original star had. 

But the supernova makes a hole into the energy-level of a higher energy-level dimension. 

The extra gravity in black holes comes from an energy-level that has much more mass and much more gravity.

It’s not that light can’t escape gravity it’s because the black hole into the next energy-level is a one-way portal. 

Get more information about Black Holes here.

Dark Matter and Dark Energy

These two terms are related to each other but scientists really don’t understand what they are. 

They only know that they must exist in order for the universe to act the way it does.

As a matter of fact, scientists haven’t been able to find these things, so that’s why they’re called dark things. 

My theory explains them very easily using black holes

Matter goes into black holes then undergoes a phase transition and the matter goes into another energy-level dimension. 

When matter goes away from our level of the universe it can’t be found here.

 However, the strong source of gravity from this mass spills over to our energy-level as dark energy.

Cosmology vs Astronomy

Cosmology is concerned with the Universe as a whole while astronomy deals with individual celestial objects such as stars and galaxies.

Astrology on the other hand, is the belief that the positioning of the stars and planets affect the way events occur on earth. 

Your birth sign is your horoscope and is related to the 12 zodiac signs. 

So it makes a lot of difference to know the correct meaning of these words. 

If we don’t understand the meaning of the word then we don’t know what we are talking about. 

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