Meaning of the Universe

Meaning of the Universe

The word Universe means all of space and time and their contents, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all forms of matter and energy. 

According to, the spatial size of the Universe is unknown but the observable universe is estimated to be 93 billion light-years in diameter. 

In various multiverse hypotheses, a universe (small letter u) is one of many causally disconnected parts of a larger multiverse, which comprises all of space and time and its contents.

Therefore, the Universe and multiverse are the same thing according to Wikipedia.

Hubble image of deep space in the universe.

Our False Understanding

I have used the meaning of the word universe in error as have so many other people. 

I wasn’t aware that the Universe and the universe were two different things. 

Most people talk about the universe (with a small letter) as if it’s the entire thing that can exist and that everything must fit inside that one dimension. 

As science gets better at understanding the universe we begin to realize that everything isn’t inside this one 3rd dimension we call home. 

All forms of matter and energy are included in the meaning of the Universe. (Wikipedia)

That would mean dark matter, dark energy, the source of all the energy, Souls, and God. 

To fit everything into the entire Universe means having separate, disconnected dimensions or multiverses. 

The 4 physical matter dimensions in the universe.

Other Dimensions

Dimensions are the tools needed to create a universe  Erik Lovin 2018

This is another word that is not understood. What is a dimension? 

Most scientists or students of science have been taught that a dimension is a spatial vector that defines the size of a direction, length, width, and height. 

Perhaps we need another word to mean the realm of the container that houses the universe/Universe. 

The universe/Universe can’t be defined by spatial directions.

If a surgeon performs heart surgery how does he find the correct spot inside the heart? He has tools that allow him to look into the heart from the outside.

We don’t have any way of looking at the universe from the outside but we have tools and intuition.

The tools we are using can’t find 95% of this universe that consists of dark matter and dark energy. 

Until we get better tools we won’t find dark matter, but using my intuition tells me that it must be in another dimension of the universe. 

When experiments with energy allow us to see that energy disappears into the unknown scientists might realize that other dimensions are real. 

Your intuition must tell you that the universe came into this 3rd dimension from somewhere. 

That somewhere is another dimension of the Universe. 

If you can’t imagine that then I think there is some kind of energy barrier preventing you from seeing outside of this box.

Remember the movie The Matrix, with Keanu Reeves? There was a matrix surrounding the planet that prevented people from knowing that this is not all that is. 

Could most of humanity be asleep and existing in a cloudy reality? 

Dimensions of the Universe  

I am going to try to explain the parts of the entire Universe. You might call me crazy or a fool but this is my idea of reality. 

The physical dimensions of the universe with the antimatter dimensions.

Immediately you’re thinking who am I to know anything about the structure of the Universe. 

I AM the I AM Presence just like you, but I woke up from the dream or matrix and I have hope that many of my readers are also awake. 

My intuition and logic tells me that the Universe was created by Spirits that are connected to Souls.

They must have had a desire and purpose to create a Universe that holds dimensions/realms of a physical universe.

My thoughts tell me that they want to experience physical life in a physical world possibly to evolve the mind of consciousness. 

Being spirit without a physical body they want to know more about feelings and love, that can only be experienced as a physical person. 

That’s my interpretation of the reason why the universe exists as opposed to nothing. 

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Laws of Physics and Science

When we know that the universe was a creation we can imagine that all the laws of science were used to make dimensions.

We should understand that these laws were not created after the Big bang event instead they were used to create with.

I just had a funny thought. What if the matrix idea is real so that we can’t know the truth about existence.

You see we have free will to do whatever we want and if that matrix wasn’t there we would know who we are and then we wouldn’t have the same quality of free will.

What I mean is if we knew we are part of Soul and Spirit then our free will would be different instead of not knowing who we are. See the difference? 

The Multiverse

My understanding of the Universe is that our 3rd dimension is the bottom of the totem pole, and we are the most dense and grounded of all matter. 

Our dimension started life from viruses and bacteria that evolved into complex organisms and into insects, fish, and animals. 

How did we get here from let’s say the 8th dimension which is nonphysical?

The Big bang event pushed energy out of the nonphysical dimension into the 6th dimension.

That energy traveled down deep into the 3rd dimension where life evolved.

So the Universe consists of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th physical dimensions or realms and the nonphysical 7th, 8th, and 9th dimensions.

Beyond the 9th dimension is a nondimensional realm of infinity. There is nothing beyond this infinity and the infinite power we call God. 


This background information defines most of the Universe and gives us a starting point to continue to explain the steps that took place during the Big bang event. 

The main knowledge I hope you learned is that the Universe is like a multiverse with many different dimensions.

We learned about the source of energy and the nonphysical realms that created the universe. 

In future articles, I will focus on the steps that energy took to get us into this world.

Thanks for being here and as always be well.

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