How to Think and Create What You Think

How to Think and Create What You Think

  Knowing how to think helps the evolution of consciousness in the world. To explain life's nature and purpose, I will explain How to Think but Not what to think. I aim to bring awareness to science and you that things differ from what you usually think. 

I have uncovered some false beliefs and assumptions preventing us from understanding who we are, where we came from, and why we are here.

To learn new ideas, I'm thrilled to get you interested in this method for yourself. I want you to think and realize the power of thought.

In the past, we were taught What to think but not How to think!

Thoughts are like water, flowing into your mind from mass consciousness like a river flowing into the ocean.

You can grab a thought and hold onto it, look at it, and decide if it is worthwhile to keep it or to let it flow away. Eventually, you build your belief system.

The most challenging job in the world is to teach someone a new belief.

I’ll give you a story as an awareness about your beliefs. Imagine water flowing into the ocean, and the water changes at each moment.

You realize that the only constant in this flow is change. Nothing stands still. The only constant in the universe is change. 

Rivers flow into the ocean, and the Earth spins once a day as the Earth travels billions of miles around the sun each year. 

We are moving around our Galaxy, and the Milky Way Galaxy is moving around the universe. That's a lot of movement.

Your body goes through the same motion, and your mind is constantly working and changing. Isn’t it strange that we humans like to resist change? We seem to think that change will always be for the worse.

You must want to create a better life and then use your new awareness to desire more. You desire more in life. You desire more happiness, more health, more excitement, more energy, and more love.

These are the benefits of an abundant life, and they are coming to you when you know How to Think. 

When we learn How to Think, we cooperate with universal laws that govern everything. One of these laws is the Law of Attraction, which works like gravity.

Your Mind Creates Your Belief System

The mind creates each person’s reality but doesn’t know how it works. It doesn’t know that there are laws that govern how to think. In this regard, the mind is unaware!

What we need is awareness of this law… Our beliefs and belief systems work by this LOA (Law of Attraction), but we don't know how it works.

We didn’t even know it was working. We are unaware of it and need awareness to get what we desire.

The LOA creates the result that the mind thinks.

At the quantum level of physics, the mind creates the action that the mind thinks. That means the mind can control matter!

It's a scientific fact proved in laboratory experiments. One scientist experiments that an electron always moves in a certain way. Another scientist says no. When I do that experiment, the electron moves in the opposite way.

After many experiments, it's decided that the outcome depends on the scientist's view. The conclusion is what you expect to happen is what happens.

Thoughts are things! We have proof that the mind controls how we see the world. Which way is the right way, your way or my way?

The answer is, what do you want? Do you want more pain and suffering, or do you want more happiness and abundance?

We live in a duality where each emotion and sense we experience or feel has its opposite.

For instance, up and down, hot and cold, yin and yang, love and fear, happy and sad, etc… The only constant is change. Nothing exists without change.

I change how I think, which changes how my world looks and reacts to me, and then it changes how the Earth evolves, which changes consciousness all the way up to our Source!

Our Beautiful Mind is Always Thinking

 The mind is a beautiful thing that we need to use correctly. If you have a thought such as ‘Money is hard to come by,’ Then the world will always give you examples to prove your opinions are correct. It becomes your belief, and you live with it as your belief system.

When you see other people earning a significant income, you tend to put that as the exception because that isn’t where I live, what I do, or some other excuse.

 Take Climate Change for instance. Scientists and most people believe that Global Warming is caused by humans using carbon-based fuels. They see the obvious evidence and think the obvious thoughts.

Mark Twain said that when popular belief thinks similarly, it’s time to re-evaluate your thoughts and use your discernment.

There are other ways to explain global warming. New evidence shows that the Earth's mantle is heating the planet and melting the glaciers from the bottom up.

For example, you can see that the sun moves across the sky. It’s obvious, right?

The LOA creates the result that the mind thinks. Should I remind you that the Earth moves and not the sun?

To think according to appearances is easy. To think truth, regardless of appearance, is complex and requires more thought.

The power of thought is hard work. Most of us just take the easy way and follow the crowd.

When you accept appearances as the truth, you create more of that to view as your truth. You are giving this truth power and taking it into your belief system. 

In the same way, we see poverty, sickness, and war, and when we focus our thoughts on negative thinking, we give it power, and in return, the world presents us with more of it.

What a paradox!! The more you bring your awareness to help fight poverty and cancer and stop wars, the more you help to create it.

The insanity is apparent if you consider whether we should study poverty to eliminate poverty or study abundance to get more.

Should we study how to fight wars or explore how to get peace? We always take the obvious way and put those thoughts into our belief system. What could we do to get rid of false beliefs?

What is the right way to think?

The answers are clear to me, but the process requires a lot of thinking.

We have become lazy, and most people will work hard and sweat long hours rather than use their minds to think the right way. Lazy minds create hardships in life and follow the crowd mentality.

Everyone is created equal in the eyes of the Universe. But our faulty belief system shows us that we are not equal and that life is a struggle.

Each of us has our journey, goals, and desires, but the usual way of thinking creates the opposite of what we desire.

Some are overwhelmed by the fast pace of evolution. Some fight against change, and some might take violent methods to make changes or exit this lifetime when they can’t cope with the world they created in their mind.

It's a real crisis in the world and our society. We must teach the Science of Knowledge in schools.

Teach the ability to cope with the higher vibrations of thought needed during our evolution of consciousness. If you desire more abundance, use your mind to manifest it into your life.

If you keep thinking incorrectly, you will manifest everything you don’t want. How can you think the right way?

There are a lot of negative words that you must remove from your self-talk. Some words even seem good, such as, I want…., I hope…., I pray…., but these words keep you stuck wanting, needing, and praying.

The LOA and methods like the ‘Secret’ haven’t worked because of the self-talk and negative thoughts and words in our belief system, and then we live by these thoughts.

Your mind always gives examples in every situation to prove you are right. If you think life is a struggle, you get examples that show you are right, and if you believe life is beautiful, you will get all kinds of examples showing that you are right.

The saying goes like this: If you think you can, you are right. If you think you can’t, you are right…

I aim to get you to consider new theories about the Universe. The hard part for me is finding how to offer ideas so that you pause and consider their value and validity.

These ideas cause problems for many because they are strange and sound unreal. The more real-life becomes, the more unreal it seems. It requires you to think outside appearances and the matrix of known science.

Of course, I am not against science and not against religion. I am for the Truth, the whole Truth… My goal is to help you see this Truth and consider if it makes more sense than doing things the way they were always done before…

I have outlined the cause of having a less-than-abundant life and given hints on improving your life and creating what you desire.

For instance, you can demonstrate abundance by living abundantly. Stop worrying about not having enough time because there is always enough time to create what you desire by having it mentally and emotionally. Then, let go of how it will happen and allow the creation to manifest.

We don’t have control over the thoughts that enter our heads, but we have the power to keep what stays in our heads. Our job is to be the master of our thoughts.

You are only responsible for your enlightenment; others must choose their path. To learn how to manifest abundance, learn how to think, and know that thoughts are things. 

So be wise with the thoughts you keep in your head. Be mindful of your self-talk, knowing that your mind is listening and creating every word into your reality. 

I appreciate you reading my newsletter about Science in Your Life and joining my weekly newsletter at You can make a difference in the world by practicing How to Think. Take care, and see you next week, Erik Lovin. With love, xoxo.

About the Author Erik Lovin

Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe work. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and science in your life. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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