God Was Created, Where Did God Come From

God Was Created, Where Did God Come From?

  Can we agree that everything has a beginning? Even the universe had a beginning, but what about God? Did God have a beginning? Did God always exist? If God made everything then who made God? I have an answer.

There is a saying that the universe abhors a vacuum. The implication is that the universe will fill that vacuum somehow, even if it takes forever. God is eternal and much bigger than the universe, so where did God come from? 

How was God created? How did the universe begin from nothing? I must be crazy to think that my idea can explain what happened before the universe existed and even before God existed? 

These questions seem impossible for a human mind to answer, let alone to imagine. Read on and then decide on the level of my craziness.

Here is my impossible idea that explains where God came from. My ideas may help atheists and agnostics but annoy religious people. But first, what is my definition of God? 

I imagine God includes but isn't limited to being the Source of all energy, intelligence, consciousness, and the creator or Source of our universe. That Source contains an infinite amount of nonphysical things. The frequency there is so high that nothing can exist in a state of matter, plasma, or even light. The realm of God is invisible with our physical eyes.

The Mathematical Oneness of Infinity

For the mathematical geniuses out there, I don't have an equation that proves God exists. But I will use an analogy based on the numbering system of mathematics. In math, we trust, right? 

There are two ways to get to infinity in the numbering system, and I think that infinity can only be in one place or destination. If a place of infinity exists, then there is only one infinity.

The numbering system starts from 1 and goes to infinity, and it also goes from 1 to zero or nothing. You can try to count to 0 using numbers that go infinitely smaller but will never reach 0. If infinity exists, then both of these sets of numbers go to the same infinity. 

Does an infinitely large number meet an infinitely small number in a mathematical singularity? Are infinity and nothing the oneness of infinity?

The Infinite Source of Energy

How did an infinite amount of energy appear from nothing? Consider that in the very, very beginning, before the universe and before God, there was nothing: no energy, no matter, no vacuum, just an infinite singularity of nothingness. 

The infinity of nothingness is an abstract idea like the mathematical singularity. Nothingness does not exist anywhere. But nothingness could have been a state of negative energy that somehow changed into energy. 

The negative energy of nothingness cannot exist with energy. It's either nothing or something. They can’t exist together in the same place like matter and antimatter can't be together. Follow me on this idea... 

In the beginning, there was nothing except the infinity of nothingness and its negative energy. There must have been an event or fluctuation that caused nothingness to have energy. 

Could the state of nothingness also abhor nothing? Perhaps a small quantum fluctuation grew over eternity into energy. Finally, the nothingness of infinity changed into infinity, and the nothingness disappeared forever. 

My idea is that consciousness (mind) started during a state of nothingness, then thought was the spark that changed nothingness into the singularity of infinity. 

The ultimate truth is that consciousness creates energy or matter, but matter does not create consciousness. You see, consciousness must exist first before a desire and a thought. The nonphysical energy of thought is the first step of any creation.

The Evolution of Consciousness 

Consciousness can evolve into energy and energy into matter, but matter does not evolve into consciousness. Read that sentence again! Consider that the infinite realm that created the universe has no matter, but it has infinite energy and nonphysical things.

Our universe and, more importantly, our planet is physical except for the nonphysical characteristics humans possess, such as intelligence, consciousness, dreams, intuition, imagination, creativity, love, and the love for these invisible things. 

How did nonphysical things come into us? Nonphysical things are properties of consciousness. That means we are from the same consciousness that created our universe.  

Understand that the universe didn’t start from nothingness, but consciousness started from nothingness. We are here, and the universe exists, which means in all likelihood that the energy comes from the same infinite source of energy. 

I think the consciousness in nothingness created infinity. However, creating the mind of God from consciousness was a major step in the evolution of consciousness. 

After an eternity, the consciousness of infinity evolved into the infinite mind of God. 

The oneness of infinity and consciousness transformed into what we call God. Is consciousness (mind) the ultimate power that exists? 

Consciousness Becomes Life

After eons of time, God became lonely (if we add a human trait to God), and a desire to have company became a thought. That thought of consciousness gave God the idea to change part of its energy into an infinite amount of smaller parts of energy. 

These smaller parts are known as Spirits, and they have almost the same qualities as God. After an eternity, Spirits used their power to develop the laws of physics and energy. They found out how to create with different forms of energy. 

When they were able to make lower forms of energy, they discovered how to make physical things. Eventually, their experiments created the universe. 

They learned how to add bacteria and viruses into the matter. Along the way, they helped the matter to evolve into more and more complex life forms that became insects, fish, birds, and animals. 

It took billions of years to create our planet with a stable atmosphere that could support the lower form of energy we know as life. When life evolved into apes with a large enough brain, they became a vehicle that could contain a soul.  

Then the Spirits wanted to experience their creation, but the hand of Sprit passed through matter, and their creations were untouchable. God was pleased with the Spirits' work and the idea that consciousness could move into physical matter. 

Many of the Spirits created smaller energy versions from their energy and made Souls. But the energy of a Soul was still too large for physicality. Then the Souls created smaller energy parts that were a spark of the soul. These soul sparks had the right amount of energy that could fit into an animal man. 

Their experiments continued as the soul sparks entered into Homo Sapiens at birth to create humans with a soul. Thus, consciousness entered vehicles when souls created humans in their quest to experience life in the universe. 

The Journey of Consciousness

The big question is, why was the universe created? Why did the realm of consciousness create such an elaborate system to bring life into matter? 

I understand that perhaps souls can only experience emotions and love while in a physical body. Imagine that the evolution of love happens during the physical experience of it. 

Namely, we can act out all the thoughts in our minds with a physical experience. In this way, the journey of life is evolving but is there another reason for the universe? 

Change is the only constant in the universe, and in this change, there is a powerful evolution of consciousness. The journey of consciousness might be to spiritualize matter? 

We don't realize that we are multidimensional beings. The first step was to give matter life and then to live in the physical body. The next step is to evolve the human’s spiritual body. 

The final step is to bring the spiritualized physical body into the realm of consciousness. 

If a human can ascend with its physical body, then its Spirit has gained a spiritual body. 

The journey of consciousness is continuing, and I think that humans will evolve and ascend into the spiritual realm with their bodies intact. Perhaps even God desires a physical body? Who knows how far consciousness will evolve? 

The Oneness of Consciousness

My idea of consciousness (the mind of God) is certainly far-fetched, but I welcome other ideas that can explain the journey of evolution.  Please be kind with my crazy ideas and spend some thought thinking about consciousness. 

In the very beginning, infinity and nothingness became one, and out of that oneness, consciousness was born. The energy of consciousness became the one mind we call God.

Next, God multiplied into smaller parts of consciousness. These smaller parts of God created the universe, and consciousness moved into physicality. 

Souls are part of the initial consciousness, so their movement into the universe is a process of evolution. When souls evolve and move back into Spirit, the circle of evolution is complete. 

Consciousness was born, transformed into the mind of God, moved into Spirits, entered a physical life to bring consciousness to a body. 

Then a soul will ascend and bring its spiritual body into the realm of consciousness where it can ascend again into the soul of its Spirit. This process is the Oneness in the journey of consciousness, and we are part of that Oneness. 

Consider that God is the label or name that we have given consciousness. In God, we trust. Our human mind has made God into an image that we can understand. But God is the consciousness of infinity, and we have no image to describe our God. 

Will the journey of consciousness end? Is our soul's journey just starting? Remember that the only constant in the universe is change, so place your bets. 

I trust that you will consider this new meaning of God and enjoy your journey of life.

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