Freedom And Responsibility

Freedom And Responsibility

In a democracy, we have the freedom of speech, religion, but as a Canadian citizen, you also have responsibilities:

  • To respect the rights and freedoms of others.

  • To obey Canada's laws.

Laws are meant to protect the lives and property of people. And for the most part, laws are necessary for modern society. 

But do laws protect or prevent the freedom of individuals for the common good of society? 

Let's see what happens when people rent a car and rent a home. 

Rent a Car

To rent a car, you need to have a license to drive. 

To get a driver's license, you must be the minimum age, and you must pass a written and vision test to understand the rules of the road. 

Then you must take lessons to learn how to drive and finally you must pass the driving test. 

To rent a car, you need your driving license and a credit card. To drive a car, you need fuel, insurance, and a destination or purpose. 

But you must also follow the rules of the road. You must wear a seatbelt, drive at the speed limit, and don't drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

Many safety concerns are in place to rent a car. A vehicle is like a moving bomb that could crush you or explode and kill other people involved in an accident. 

One of the major concerns is driving under the influence or while physically tired. If you fall asleep at the wheel, the result can be tragic.

The seatbelt could save your life during an accident, but it doesn't save other people.

The seatbelt protects a driver, not a pedestrian, but the seatbelt doesn’t prevent accidents. 

You have the freedom not to wear a seat belt because it won't hurt other people. 

But the fine for driving without a seat belt is between $200 and $1,000. You receive two demerit points, and they remain on your driving record for two years. 

Usually, the fine makes you wear the seatbelt, or you will lose your driver's license.

Rent An Apartment

To rent an apartment, you need identification, references, and a source of income. Most of the time, a driver's license is your identification. It's a lot easier to rent an apartment than a car.

What are the safety concerns when you rent an apartment? The landlord is responsible for the safety of his tenants and the proper health and enjoyment of his renters.

These include, but are not limited to, power for electrical devices and clean hot and cold water for washing and cooking. 

Proper plumbing for showers, toilets, and ventilation are required.

The heating must be at least 21 degrees celsius every day of the year, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed to protect tenants from a fire.

The fire alarm protects you and others in case of a fire. The alarm doesn’t prevent fires, but it saves lives if there’s a fire. 

If you remove the fire alarm, it doesn’t cause a fire, just like removing your seatbelt doesn't cause accidents.

But if you are in bed under the influence of drugs or medication while smoking, you are playing with fire. 

The fire alarm alerts tenants from smoke or chemicals coming from the heat of cooking or smoking. 

Tenants who smoke often remove or disable fire alarms because they have to feed their addiction.

Responsibility and Safety

A tenant's only responsibility is to prevent a fire from happening in their apartment. A fire can kill other sleeping tenants and destroy the landlord's house. 

If a fire occurs and the fire alarm is disabled, the tenant will get a fine of $395. If it was the landlord's fault, he gets the $395 fine as well as the cost to replace his property. 

But you can't replace a human life.

Look, I don’t mind if you drive without your seatbelt, but when you remove a fire alarm, you are endangering everyone in the building.

The safety of my family and others in my home is paramount and supersedes other laws. 


The law can't make you drive with a seatbelt, but you will be fined if you are caught driving without a seatbelt.

Smoking isn't against the law, but landlords can issue a non-smoking policy in apartments. It's up to the landlord to maintain the safety of tenants.

Tenants have rights but none of the responsibility. 

The only safety concern that tenants have is to leave the fire alarm on and in working order. It's the responsibility of the landlord to check that the fire alarms are working. 

Addictions and Fire

If tenants smoke in their apartment, they are not breaking the law, but they are breaking the rental contract that says no smoking in the building. 

The only way to tell if they are smoking is if the smoke alarm goes off. But tenants who smoke have an addiction, just like a drug addict. 

Addicts are not thinking about safety. They want to satisfy their addiction, and their easy solution is to disable the fire alarm.

I am a landlord. I'm responsible for the safety of my family and tenants. I value my safety, and I don’t drive without my seatbelt.

If a tenant removes or disables a fire alarm, they remove the safety and put everyone in the building in danger. They satisfy their addiction at the cost of safety. 

Tenants can demand that the landlord provides them all the benefits for a comfortable life. However, if they can't control their addictions, what can we do?

The landlord must maintain safe and healthy living conditions for everyone. 

If a tenant is an addict and removes the fire alarm, he breaks the law and poses a health threat to others. 

The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword.

When a problem happens, the landlord must file an eviction order to evict the tenant. It takes up to 6 months to get a hearing from the LTB, and the fee is $200. 

Meanwhile, the tenant will smoke, even more, cause damage to his apartment, and stop paying rent. 

Does it seem that the sword would be better than the pen?

If you endanger my family and tenants, it's my job to evict you because a fine or a warning doesn't prevent an addict from doing what they do. Can you change the locks?

But using the tools (sword) to change locks is against the law, and the landlord will be in jail or facing a big fine. The laws are twisted around so that smokers' rights are protected.

I conclude that the system favors keeping addicts in apartments. That way, the responsibility is on the landlord instead of the government.

Furthermore, any damages caused are paid by our insurance, and the cost of insurance goes higher. But the government pays nothing and gets out of any responsibility.

What is freedom in a democracy? The government protects the freedom of speech and the right to smoke any kind of weed. 

The landlord has no weapon, pen, or sword to protect his family and home from the addicts that rent or govern the country. 

The government should tread carefully and justly to avoid anarchy. 

That's my freedom of speech rant and thoughts on smokers, freedoms, and responsibilities. 

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Take care and be safe.

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