Do We Have Proof That General Relativity Bends Space

Do We Have Proof That General Relativity Curves Space

 People refer to Einstein’s relativity as proof that the curvature of space causes gravity. 

There’s no “proof” that Einstein’s relativity is correct. Science doesn’t prove things. 

Science observes nature, measures energy, and finds the laws of nature. 

Einstein never said that the curvature of space is an actual physical thing. Space is a massless void that can’t be bent or curved. 

Einstein said not to take the geometric example as physical reality. It's silly that intelligent scientists started to “believe” nature curves space.

The idea of curved space is relatively new and wasn't discussed in the media twenty years ago. 

Gravity is a fundamental force of nature and exists as a property of matter. 

Space, or even worse, spacetime, is a massless imaginary idea.

What kind of mechanism can bend massless space and attract massless photons? 

The only “proof” is that the stars behind the sun are visible during a total eclipse. The starlight curved around the sun, “proving” that Einstein’s relativity was correct. 

When the newspapers published the headlines, “Einstein moved the stars,” he became instantly famous. 

No one understood his mathematics but faced the photographic “proof,” eventually, all the scientists “believed” that Einstein’s relativity was authentic and remarkable. 

He never got a Nobel prize for relativity, which is good because you can’t prove what isn't observed. 

Einstein’s mathematics used imaginary clocks and imaginary observers to show time is dilated. That’s another dumb idea. How can nature change the time? 

Does Time Dilation Prove Space Curves

Isaac Newton said time is absolute. Einstein said time is relative, and the “proof” is that clocks change in different frames of reference. 

Yes, that’s correct; clocks are affected by gravity just like we are. Clocks will change their ticking rate because of the force of gravity, not because space-time is curved. 

Time dilation doesn’t “prove” relativity. It happens because of gravity which is a fundamental force of nature. 

We can become weightless in space but still have the same mass. Time, on the other hand, isn’t a natural force. Time is what a clock shows. 

Time is measured motion using a clock that ticks at the speed of the earth’s rotation. Time in the universe cannot be measured or changed. 

Clocks are measuring tools of motion, and clocks show a false reading if the gravity in the environment changes. 

Time is a measurement, not a physical reality of nature. 

Einstein’s "proof" of general relativity comes from massless space and imaginary clocks. His unique mathematics has misled us based on a photograph of curved starlight.

Consider that light bends in many other circumstances. 

When light enters a medium of gas or water, the index of refraction bends light. 

We have seen the heat rising from hot pavement bending light to show a mirage. 

During a sunset, the atmosphere bends sunlight even after the sun has disappeared. 

We see the ice crystals in the atmosphere bend sunlight into rainbows. A prism bends light into rainbow colors, and many other examples of bending light exist. 

It's not big news if the sun's massive gravity bends starlight? That’s not “proof” that space is curved.

Clocks Experience Gravity

Gravity doesn't directly change time. Gravity changes a clock's time. 

Time is the display on a clock, and it changes whenever a force of gravity changes. 

The saying that time is relative to gravity should say, clocks are relative to gravity. 

Let's think about time dilation and the Twin Paradox. 

Gravity and acceleration are the two main forces changing a clock’s display. 

The measure of a clock’s ticking depends on the force of gravity in the clock's environment. 

We have a perfect example of time dilation with GPS satellites. 

The lack of gravity in space allows the satellite’s clock to tick 45 microseconds faster per day than the reference clock on Earth.

The satellite has a force of acceleration that makes the clock tick 7 microseconds slower per day, so the total time dilation is 38 microseconds per day faster than Earth time. 

The satellite time is faster because our time has time dilation due to Earth’s gravity. Earth time is slower due to the gravity on Earth. 

In the Twin Paradox, the twin in the spaceship has a clock that shows two years have passed, and when he returns, the time on his twin’s clock says ten years have passed. 

Most people think one twin is younger, but they are the same age.  

The spaceship clock slowed down because of gravitational time dilation. The clock had an error in its measurement of motion. 

The actual duration of motion (time) in the spaceship is the same as on Earth. 

The twins have the same chronological age, but the biological age of the astronaut twin is much older due to his gravitational stress in the spaceship. 

There's no "proof" that time dilation will make you younger. And Einstein didn't prove that space curves. 

Let's get back to common sense and the observation of natural phenomena. 

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