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Is the universe figure out able

Is the universe figure out able My goal is to help you learn about science so you can understand the universe even if you never went to a science class. I figure out how to explain things without you having

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Does God Exist

  Does God Exist Does God exist and what would a God do or look like? What science calls energy, religions call God.It’s almost laughable that people still believe in a personal God. A

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The Universe in a Nutshell

Shape of the Universe in a NutshellThe expanding universe has been around since the beginning of time but scientists including  Stephen Hawking say there’s an urgency about how fast it’s accelerating

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Who Created the Big Bang that Started the Universe

Who Created the Big Bang that Started the Universe  Who created the Big bang that started the universe? I just finished looking at 90+ answers from a wide assortment of people.

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Finding More Dimensions

Finding More DimensionsProof that other dimensions do not exist? The most popular argument is that we can’t see or find any other dimensions in the universe. We don’t see 4

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The Source of Power in Life

The Source of Power in LifeOur Spiritual Connection I have talked about our spiritual connection many times but let's look at the scientific point of view to explain the source

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What is Space inside the Universe

What is Space inside the Universe What is Space What is space in the universe? Is space something or nothing? How big is space? During the Big bang the universe was created

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You and Your Soul

You and Your SoulYour Mysterious Desires What you want, I've got… But this might be hard to handleLike the flame that burns the candle A flame is the power of the candleYet

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The Life Force

The Life ForceOur Life Force is the energy that gives us life and well being. We don’t have to do anything or believe in anything. Yet, it keeps us alive and provides all the functions

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