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What Everyone Should Know About Life

What Everyone Should Know About Life      What everyone should know about life is that we are not who we think we are. The universe started with a Big Bang event that evolved

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Change For The Better

Change For The BetterIs change always for the better or often for the worst? Last week I explained how the Big Bang created the universe and my feedback was that people weren’t interested in a new theory.

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How was the Big Bang Created

 How Was The Big Bang CreatedHow was the Big bang created and what is the ultimate reality of life?  What is the meaning of life? How did the Big bang create the universe? These are the questions

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Motion in the Universe

Motion in the Universe  ~From the Big Bang Motion to the End of Time~Science doesn’t know that motion in the universe made gravity. A theory that Albert Einstein postulated is that gravity isn’t

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A New Energy

A New EnergyThere is a new kind of energy in our level of the universe. Most of us have heard of the new coronavirus called COVID-19. You have heard the news and seen how many people are dying from it.

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How Did the Universe Begin

How Did the Universe Begin To understand how the universe began we need a source of energy and a reason why there is something instead of nothing.This implies a creation or creators and a theory of why

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Meaning of the Universe

Meaning of the Universe The word Universe means all of space and time and their contents, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all forms of matter and energy. According to, the spatial

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Science and Religion Examined

Science and Religion ExaminedIs Religion a Science and is Science a Religion Are science and religion figure-out-able? Marie Forleo in her new book says Everything is Figureoutable. Today we will

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Is the universe figure out able

Is the universe figure out able My goal is to help you learn about science so you can understand the universe even if you never went to a science class. I figure out how to explain things without you having

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