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The Life Force

The Life ForceOur Life Force is the energy that gives us life and well being. We don’t have to do anything or believe in anything. Yet, it keeps us alive and provides all the functions

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Is Time a Dimension

Is Time a DimensionIs time the 4th dimension Time is often considered as the 4th dimension in physics. However, scientists don’t know what dimensions are except as directions and

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Black Holes and Dark Matter Part-2

Black Holes and Dark Matter Part-2 Black Holes and Dark Matter Facts . This is part-2 of black holes and dark matter. These new facts are an update of the original article and includes new information.

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What Happened before the Big Bang

What Happened before the Big BangWho Created the UniverseAs far as we know nothing existed before the Universe, well maybe the creator? Our time starts at the Big Bang and we can’t

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Is The Universe Infinite

Is the Universe Infinite Size  What is the Shape of the Universe What is the shape of the universe? We know that the universe is expanding and accelerating. What shape is

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Dimensions of the Universe Understood

Understanding Dimensions An Embarrassing Situation: Dimensions are not understood. Most people don’t know what a dimension is. They only know that it’s a size of something which

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What is the Fabric of Space-time?

What is the Fabric of Space-Time?Einstein’s Fabric of Space-TimeWhat is the Fabric of Space-Time? This popular myth comes from Einstein when he postulated that gravity in space was

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What is the Size of the Universe and Beyond it?

Size Questions of the Universe What is the Size of the Universe? How big is the universe? How large? Is the universe infinite? What is beyond the universe? What is the boundary or edge

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Do Extra Dimensions Exist?

Do Extra Dimensions Exist?Extra Dimensions? What is a dimension, when you are talking about different realities such as the spiritual part of you or the dream world and that science

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