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The Ultimate Secrets of Life

The Ultimate Secrets of Life  Can the ultimate Secrets of life be found? We all want answers to the big questions, such as what is the purpose of life, why am I here, where did the Universe

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How to Think and Attract Abundance

How to Think and Attract Abundance When I was studying the “Secret” of the Law of Attraction I noticed there is a part that’s missing. It’s not just about what you think but How to Think.If

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The Law of Attraction and Gravity Sucks

The Law of Attraction and Gravity SucksPeople are Starving My parents had a difficult time during world war two. Their home was destroyed twice and they were separated for many years. Instead

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If You Can Dream It You Can Do It

If You Can Dream It You Can Do ItWhen I was born I choose a family from Europe but I don't remember why. It was in Finland but the last name Lovin might have had something to do with it. On a

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How to get new Ideas

 How to get New Ideas People have asked how do I come up with new ideas and information concerning science. Lately, I have been aware of something that seems out of my control. It seems

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Beware of Your Belief System

 Beware of your Belief System People have a belief system that could be harmful to their goals and to their happiness. You have inherited a belief system that is probably

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Matter and Antimatter

Matter and AntimatterAntimatter Gets a Bad RapAntimatter is similar to normal matter except if they meet they will kill each other in a flash. It’s lucky we don’t have antimatter

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What is the best way to Think?

What is the best way to Think? Knowing how to think helps the evolution of consciousness in the world. In order to explain the nature and the purpose of life I am going to explain How to Think and not

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The Marriage of Art and Science

The Marriage of Art and Science Truth is stranger than fiction. (Lord Byron) Artists such as me are usually interested in the unseen and how to express that energy of a higher world in stories, paintings,

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