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What Everyone Should Know About Life

What Everyone Should Know About Life      What everyone should know about life is that we are not who we think we are. The universe started with a Big Bang event that evolved

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Proof That God Exists!

Proof that God Exists!To prove that God exists is not an impossible task and you don’t have to believe in God. However, you should believe that the universe started during the Big Bang event when energy

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Change For The Better

Change For The BetterIs change always for the better or often for the worst? Last week I explained how the Big Bang created the universe and my feedback was that people weren’t interested in a new theory.

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Energy of Life

Energy of Life  A brief analysis of the energy of life, and how energy animated matter with consciousness and sexual energy to evolve into a living body for humans. The Journey of Energy How

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The I Am Presence Explained

The I Am Presence Explained The I Am presence means that we are living here and at the same time connected to our Soul. I Am or I Am that I Am, is another way to say that you recognize your soul connection. 

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False Beliefs

False Beliefs  We all have had false beliefs at one time or another but what about scientists?  It has been said that beliefs are not in scientists’ vocabulary, because they want to know

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Consciousness of the Universe

Consciousness of the Universe The history of consciousness before the Big Bang event is a mystery, but we can imagine its history. Many religious books have been written about a God that is the supreme

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Brain and the Mind

Brain and the Mind  You can only believe that which is possible “In Your Mind”The mind is what one uses to think with. The mind is nonphysical but the mind uses the physical brain to create

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What is the Law of Life

What is the Law of LifeWhat is love and the law of life, where does it come from and how do we get the power of love? Is there a law of life?Love is one of those words that we misuse all the time, not

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