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Who Created the Big Bang that Started the Universe

Who Created the Big Bang that Started the Universe  Who created the Big bang that started the universe? I just finished looking at 90+ answers from a wide assortment of people.

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Love Love Me Do

Love Love Me DoAll you need is love ….You know I love you. So please say you love me too. Love, love, love… To borrow a few lines from the Beatles.The Science of Cosmology is more

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Proof of Infinity and God

Proof of Infinity and God To prove that God exists is an impossible task. But, you don’t have to believe in God. However, you should believe that the universe entered this

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The Source of Power in Life

The Source of Power in LifeOur Spiritual Connection I have talked about our spiritual connection many times but let's look at the scientific point of view to explain the source

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The Extra Dimensional Mind

The Extra Dimensional Mind The Mind vs. the BrainThe mind has dimensions that haven’t been explored yet. We have an extraordinary mind that allows us to think, plan, dream, imagine,

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You and Your Soul

You and Your SoulYour Mysterious Desires What you want, I've got… But this might be hard to handleLike the flame that burns the candle A flame is the power of the candleYet

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The Size of Infinity

 The Size of Infinity The meaning of infinity is something that’s so big it’s impossible to count with numbers and also impossible to imagine. The size of infinity can’t

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Magic, Belief or Faith

Magic, Belief or Faith Do People Believe in Magic and Faith Most people believe in magic. They also have strong faith that magic is a powerful energy. I am going to show you

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Global Warming to a New Dimension

Global Warming to a New DimensionGlobal warming is bringing us into a new dimension. The terms Global Warming and Climate Change are often used interchangeably. But, climate change

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