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Einstein Was Wrong

Einstein Was Wrong The abstract if to show that science has been following the wrong idea of gravity. So far scientists don’t know what causes gravity but Isaac Newton’s laws say it is proportional

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Does Light Have Mass

Does Light Have Mass Finally, the truth is revealed, “does light have mass?”. It seems that quantum mechanics or Einstein’s field equations allowed the mass of a photon to be massless in order

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The Truth about Space – what it’s made of

   The Truth about Space and what it’s made of What is the truth about space and is it nothingness or made of something? The reason I’m talking about nothing is that it’s a misunderstood

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How to get new Ideas

 How to get New Ideas People have asked how do I come up with new ideas and information concerning science. Lately, I have been aware of something that seems out of my control. It seems

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The Dimension of Dark Matter

 The Dimension of Dark Matter In the beginning, there was light and we have called it a Big bang. It was more of an event than a bang and it came to make the Universe as we

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What is Time and how does it work

What is Time and How Does it WorkDefinition of TimeTime is defined as a measurement of what the clock shows. The speed of time is one hour per hour. This is a scalar quantity like the

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How is a Multiverse and Parallel Universe Connected

How is a Multiverse and Parallel Universe ConnectedFirst, let’s define what is a multiverse as opposed to a universe. While we are at it what’s a parallel universe? In any case,

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Dark matter and Dark energy have been found in Black holes

Dark matter and Dark energy have been found in Black holesWhat is Dark matter and why is it invisible to scientists? Dark matter seems to be the cause of the expansion of the universe.

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Love Love Me Do

Love Love Me DoAll you need is love ….You know I love you. So please say you love me too. Love, love, love… To borrow a few lines from the Beatles.The Science of Cosmology is more

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