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Proof That God Exists!

Proof that God Exists!To prove that God exists is not an impossible task and you don’t have to believe in God. However, you should believe that the universe started during the Big Bang event when energy

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How was the Big Bang Created

 How Was The Big Bang CreatedHow was the Big bang created and what is the ultimate reality of life?  What is the meaning of life? How did the Big bang create the universe? These are the questions

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Is The Higgs Boson The God Particle

Is The Higgs Boson The God ParticleThe Higgs Boson has been called the God particle. But the Higgs Boson is known as the quanta of the Higgs Field. It’s supposedly a quantum particle that mediates the

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COVID-19 and Climate Change

COVID-19 and Climate ChangeThere’s a new kind of energy in our level (area) of the universe. Most of us have heard of the new coronavirus called COVID-19. You have heard the news and seen how many people

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How Does Gravity Work

 How Does Gravity Work   A possible solution to Gravity What is gravity and how does it work? We all know its effects if we fall down or drop a brick on our toe. But science doesn’t

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The Ultimate Secrets of Life

The Ultimate Secrets of Life  Can the ultimate Secrets of life be found? We all want answers to the big questions, such as what is the purpose of life, why am I here, where did the Universe

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Energy of Life

Energy of Life  A brief analysis of the energy of life, and how energy animated matter with consciousness and sexual energy to evolve into a living body for humans. The Journey of Energy How

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A Problem of Time – The Mechanics of Motion

 A Problem of Time - The Mechanics of MotionWhat is time? Does time travel work? How do we define time? It’s complicated because of our personal experience with time. We can feel motion when we

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How to Think and Attract Abundance

How to Think and Attract Abundance When I was studying the “Secret” of the Law of Attraction I noticed there is a part that’s missing. It’s not just about what you think but How to Think.If

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