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Quantum Gravity in Atoms

Quantum Gravity in Atoms Quantum Gravity Measured I admit my math skills are poor but a thought popped into my mind. Isaac Newton came up with the law of gravity but he didn’t

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Time Travel Debunked

Time Travel DebunkedWhat is Time, When Did Time Start Time prevents everything from happening at once, so time allows the Universe to evolve  slowly. Time is a quality of

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Degrees of Movement

Degrees of Movement 9 Degrees of MovementWhat are the different ways that matter can move in 3 dimensional space? When I talk about the degrees of movement or degrees of freedom

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Magic, Belief or Faith

Magic, Belief or Faith Do People Believe in Magic and Faith Most people believe in magic. They also have strong faith that magic is a powerful energy. I am going to show you

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Global Warming to a New Dimension

Global Warming to a New DimensionGlobal warming is bringing us into a new dimension. The terms Global Warming and Climate Change are often used interchangeably. But, climate change

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Sexual Energy Meaning

Sexual Energy Meaning Sexual energy is more than natures way of continuing a species. Humans have inherited sexual energy from the animal kingdom but we use that energy in many

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Time dilation is False

How Does Time Work Time works by the frequency of matter. The frequency standard of time is based on the photon radiation that created the universe. During the big bang the energy and

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Experience of Time

The Experience of TimeWe experience time like a diary where we store our past as memories while books write about the past as history. We plan our desires as something that will happen

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Source of Quantum Gravity

The Source of Quantum Gravity What is the source of quantum gravity? The fundamental forces of matter are: electromagnetic, weak nuclear, strong nuclear and gravity. What is gravity

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