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Degrees of Movement

Degrees of Movement 9 Degrees of MovementWhat are the different ways that matter can move in 3 dimensional space? When I talk about the degrees of movement or degrees of freedom

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Difference of Energy, Force, Work. Power, Gravity and Mass

Difference of Energy, Force, Work. Power, Gravity and Mass All types of matter contain energy and mass so what makes them different. We can do work using a force and measure the

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Is The Universe Infinite

 Is The Universe Infinite What is the meaning of infinity. Is the universe infinite or finite? If there is a boundary to the universe it must be finite. To our small world

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Mass, Weight, Gravity and Atomic Number

 Mass, Weight, Gravity and Atomic Number The mass of an object is a measure of the object's amount of matter. The weight of an object is a measure of the force exerted on

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Photons are Similar to Neutrinos

Photons are Similar to Neutrinos Did the truth hurt in 2012 when they found that neutrinos have a small mass and travel at the speed of light. Previously it was assumed that neutrinos

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Difference of Matter and Energy

Difference of Matter and EnergyWhat is the difference of matter and energy? Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity says that E=mc-squared. It’s commonly known that energy cannot

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Neutrinos and Dark Matter

Neutrinos and Dark Matter Neutrinos were studied in Sudbury Ontario at the SNOlab, which is an acronym for the Sudbury Neutrino Laboratory. Why did Stephen Hawking visit the lab which

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Is Time Relative or Constant

Is Time Relative or ConstantIs time relative as in Einstein’s special theory of relativity? According to the theory time dilation is real. The elapsed time measured by the two observers,

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Electrons and Photons

Electrons and Photons. What is an Electron An electron is a fundamental particle called a lepton with a negative charge of one and a spin of one-half. Electrons are attached around

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