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Blue Sky Blue Water

 Blue Sky Blue Water   Why is the sky and water blue? We take it for granted that on a sunny day the sky is blue. Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? When we

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Time before Creation

 Time before Creation Time before time is a strange concept. I try to imagine it like a memory. Memories exist in the physical brain like on a computer’s hard drive. You

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Photons are Similar to Neutrinos

Photons are Similar to Neutrinos Did the truth hurt in 2012 when they found that neutrinos have a small mass and travel at the speed of light. Previously it was assumed that neutrinos

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Einstein does the Truth Hurt

Einstein does the Truth HurtMost people sugar coat the truth for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. You might say to your friend “Your golf swing isn’t bad all you need is more

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Is Light Massless

Is Light Massless If a photon has no mass why is it attracted to gravity? Light is made up of individual particles called photons. A photon of light is too small to be detected on its

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Is Time a Dimension

Is Time a DimensionIs time the 4th dimension Time is often considered as the 4th dimension in physics. However, scientists don’t know what dimensions are except as directions and

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Electrons and Photons

Electrons and Photons. What is an Electron An electron is a fundamental particle called a lepton with a negative charge of one and a spin of one-half. Electrons are attached around

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More Proof Light has Mass

Part-2  Proof Light has MassIn Part-1 Proof light has Mass. We found out where light comes from and why it has mass. We questioned how Einstein explained gravity with the curvature

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Proof that Light has Mass

Proof that Light has Mass!Part-1.  Reasons why Light has MassProof Light has mass. What if Light and all Photons have mass or are they massless particles? My goal is to show that

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