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How Does Gravity Work

 How Does Gravity Work   A possible solution to Gravity What is gravity and how does it work? We all know its effects if we fall down or drop a brick on our toe. But science doesn’t

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Black Holes Eat Holes Into Space

Black Holes Eat Holes into Space Are Black Holes Really Holes? People seem fascinated with black holes and the mystery surrounding them. The questions started getting popular

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Einstein is Time Invariant

Einstein is Time Invariant?Definition of TimeTime is defined as a measurement, as what the clock shows. This is a scalar quantity, like used to define a property of matter, such as

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Proof of Other Dimensions

Proof Other Dimensions Exist The proof of other dimensions in the universe took a turn for a bright future ahead as it became apparent that Einstein was wrong again. In 1905 Einstein

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How do Stars Create Black Holes

How do Stars Create Black Holes What is a Black hole? Where are the Black holes? How did black holes form? If you search google answers to these questions they all give the same

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How does Energy become Mass

How does Energy become Mass   How does Energy turn into Gravity How is energy and mass related to gravity? Einstein’s famous equation E=mc^2 shows the relationship

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Time Travel Debunked

Time Travel DebunkedWhat is Time, When Did Time Start Time prevents everything from happening at once, so time allows the Universe to evolve  slowly. Time is a quality of

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Source of Quantum Gravity

The Source of Quantum Gravity What is the source of quantum gravity? The fundamental forces of matter are: electromagnetic, weak nuclear, strong nuclear and gravity. What is gravity

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Difference of Energy, Force, Work. Power, Gravity and Mass

Difference of Energy, Force, Work. Power, Gravity and Mass All types of matter contain energy and mass so what makes them different. We can do work using a force and measure the

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