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Time Travel Debunked

Time Travel DebunkedWhat is Time, When Did Time Start Time prevents everything from happening at once, so time allows the Universe to evolve  slowly. Time is a quality of

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Source of Quantum Gravity

The Source of Quantum Gravity What is the source of quantum gravity? The fundamental forces of matter are: electromagnetic, weak nuclear, strong nuclear and gravity. What is gravity

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Difference of Energy, Force, Work. Power, Gravity and Mass

Difference of Energy, Force, Work. Power, Gravity and Mass All types of matter contain energy and mass so what makes them different. We can do work using a force and measure the

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On The Way To The Festival

  On The Way To the Festival A funny thing happened on the way to the festival. What if your tickets went missing? I almost went to see Ciline Dion while I was in Vegas but it

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Spacetime is What Time

 Spacetime is what Time  I stopped using my watch lately and instead use my cell phone for the time. I never really understood if spacetime is real or only a mathematical

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Difference of Matter and Energy

Difference of Matter and EnergyWhat is the difference of matter and energy? Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity says that E=mc-squared. It’s commonly known that energy cannot

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The Truth about Gravity

The Truth about Gravity  Gravity is the weakest of the 4 forces, namely the weak nuclear force, the strong nuclear force and the electromagnetic force. Gravity wants to attract

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The True Nature of Time and Gravity

The True Nature of Time and Gravity Starts with a Bang The Big Bang is our beginning of Time. It wasn’t really an explosion but more like a push of energy. If you are familiar with

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Is Time Relative or Constant

Is Time Relative or ConstantIs time relative as in Einstein’s special theory of relativity? According to the theory time dilation is real. The elapsed time measured by the two observers,

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