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The Universe in a Nutshell

Shape of the Universe in a NutshellThe expanding universe has been around since the beginning of time but scientists including  Stephen Hawking say there’s an urgency about how fast it’s accelerating

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The Dimension of Dark Matter

 The Dimension of Dark Matter In the beginning, there was light and we have called it a Big bang. It was more of an event than a bang and it came to make the Universe as we

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How is a Multiverse and Parallel Universe Connected

How is a Multiverse and Parallel Universe ConnectedFirst, let’s define what is a multiverse as opposed to a universe. While we are at it what’s a parallel universe? In any case,

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Dark matter and Dark energy have been found in Black holes

Dark matter and Dark energy have been found in Black holesWhat is Dark matter and why is it invisible to scientists? Dark matter seems to be the cause of the expansion of the universe.

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Finding More Dimensions

Finding More DimensionsProof that other dimensions do not exist? The most popular argument is that we can’t see or find any other dimensions in the universe. We don’t see 4

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What is Space inside the Universe

What is Space inside the Universe What is Space What is space in the universe? Is space something or nothing? How big is space? During the Big bang the universe was created

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The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of LifeHidden Treasure Let’s play a little mind game and try to find a priceless treasure hidden in plain site. Where can we hide an awesome treasure that will be

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Non Physical Dimensions

Non physical DimensionsA non physical dimension has no physical properties such as mass, length, size, shape and we can’t touch, smell, taste or see non physical things. That means

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Proof of Other Dimensions

Proof Other Dimensions Exist The proof of other dimensions in the universe took a turn for a bright future ahead as it became apparent that Einstein was wrong again. In 1905 Einstein

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