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Neutrinos and Dark Matter

Neutrinos and Dark Matter Neutrinos were studied in Sudbury Ontario at the SNOlab, which is an acronym for the Sudbury Neutrino Laboratory. Why did Stephen Hawking visit the lab which

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Is Time Relative or Constant

Is Time Relative or ConstantIs time relative as in Einstein’s special theory of relativity? According to the theory time dilation is real. The elapsed time measured by the two observers,

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Electrons and Photons

Electrons and Photons. What is an Electron An electron is a fundamental particle called a lepton with a negative charge of one and a spin of one-half. Electrons are attached around

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Importance of Gravity in the Universe

Gravity and the Big BangGravity is important in the Universe and keeps us grounded but it also builds stuff and destroys stuff. Today I was looking at the morning frost on my window.

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What is Gravitational Force

Where does Gravity Come From The Gravity of It What is gravity? Of the 4 fundamental particle forces, gravity is called the Weakest force. We are all familiar with this force because

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Matter and Antimatter

Matter and AntimatterAntimatter Gets a Bad RapAntimatter is similar to normal matter except if they meet they will kill each other in a flash. It’s lucky we don’t have antimatter

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Gluons and Gravity

Gravity from Gluons is like Crazy GlueGluons and Gravity are like Glue! The strong nuclear force creates the force of gravity. I was chewing gum and started thinking about the stickiness

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What are Neutrinos, Why are they Important?

Neutrinos and LightWhat are neutrinos and why are they important?What are neutrinos and why are they  important? Neutrinos are fundamental particles that were formed in the first

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What is Antimatter and why is it Important?

What is Antimatter and Why is it Important?Antimatter is the same as matter except with opposite energies. If matter and antimatter meet they annihilate each other, so why is this important?

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