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The Truth about Gravity

The Truth about Gravity  Gravity is the weakest of the 4 forces, namely the weak nuclear force, the strong nuclear force and the electromagnetic force. Gravity wants to attract

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The True Nature of Time and Gravity

The True Nature of Time and Gravity Starts with a Bang The Big Bang is our beginning of Time. It wasn’t really an explosion but more like a push of energy. If you are familiar with

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Is Time Relative or Constant

Is Time Relative or ConstantIs time relative as in Einstein’s special theory of relativity? According to the theory time dilation is real. The elapsed time measured by the two observers,

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Importance of Gravity in the Universe

Gravity and the Big BangGravity is important in the Universe and keeps us grounded but it also builds stuff and destroys stuff. Today I was looking at the morning frost on my window.

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What is Gravitational Force

Where does Gravity Come From The Gravity of It What is gravity? Of the 4 fundamental particle forces, gravity is called the Weakest force. We are all familiar with this force because

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What is the Fabric of Space-time?

What is the Fabric of Space-Time?Einstein’s Fabric of Space-TimeWhat is the Fabric of Space-Time? This popular myth comes from Einstein when he postulated that gravity in space was

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Gluons and Gravity

Gravity from Gluons is like Crazy GlueGluons and Gravity are like Glue! The strong nuclear force creates the force of gravity. I was chewing gum and started thinking about the stickiness

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More Proof Light has Mass

Part-2  Proof Light has MassIn Part-1 Proof light has Mass. We found out where light comes from and why it has mass. We questioned how Einstein explained gravity with the curvature

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Black Holes and Dark Matter

Black Holes and Dark MatterBlack Holes and Dark Matter are regions in space that have been predicted by math and observed by astronomers. The characteristics of Black Holes is that

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