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Cosmology Doesn’t Answer This

Understanding what Cosmology Doesn’t AnswerCosmology is a branch of astronomy that studies the origin and evolution of the universe. It is a science that studies the Big Bang, the

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Is the Universe Flat like the Earth

Is the Universe FlatHow many scientists believe the Earth is flat? How many scientists believed that the earth was flat 2,000 years ago? Did they do any experiments to show that the

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The Universe Before the Big Bang

The Universe Before the Big Bang The Big Bang wasn’t the Start of the UniverseThe Big Bang is our best model of the beginning of our universe. However, to be accurate we should mention

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Vibrations of Matter

Vibrations of Matter What does the vibration of matter and the frequency of light have in common. To understand the universe Nikola Tesla said, “Think in terms of energy, frequency

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A Black Hole is a Phase Transition

A Black Hole is a Phase TransitionPhase TransitionPhase transition is when a substance changes from a solid, liquid, gas or plasma state to a different state. Every element and substance

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Global Warming a New Paradigm

Global Warming New Paradigm Global warming needs a new paradigm. The terms Global Warming and Climate Change are often used interchangeably. But, climate change is also about the effects

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Is The Universe Infinite

Is the Universe Infinite Size  What is the Shape of the Universe What is the shape of the universe? We know that the universe is expanding and accelerating. What shape is

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Dimensions of the Universe Understood

Understanding Dimensions An Embarrassing Situation: Dimensions are not understood. Most people don’t know what a dimension is. They only know that it’s a size of something which

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What is the Size of the Universe and Beyond it?

Size Questions of the Universe What is the Size of the Universe? How big is the universe? How large? Is the universe infinite? What is beyond the universe? What is the boundary or edge

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