Can you Age less in a stronger gravity?

Can you Age less if you live in an environment with more Gravity?

 No, definitely not. Clocks tick slower in more gravity, but the time on clocks has nothing to do with aging. 

The force of gravity is the cause of motion and stress that causes physical age. 

Time is the measurement of the duration of motion, and gravity is the cause. 

Let's understand science instead of thinking that time is a cause of anything. 

We need to use time to keep track of our daily events, but time doesn’t create the events. 

We plan our events based on our thinking and desires, and we are the creators of things, but time alone does nothing to the entire universe. 

The stress of living and the poor choices we make cause aging. I thought common sense was common, but apparently, it’s uncommon. 

When I see science that doesn’t make sense, I question its validity. Things don’t shrink the faster they move, and time doesn’t stop or slow down. 

It’s a measurement error based on time dilation. You can't use relativity to change your age or travel at the speed of light to make time stop. 

It doesn't work that way. When I recognize common sense, I can feel it as truth, but I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before.

Do UFOs and aliens exist? If they exist, wouldn't they be here?

Your question makes sense up to, “wouldn’t they be here now?” 

Are you implying that the future exists somewhere and that we live in a different past? The future and past don’t exist. 

The entire universe is moving and existing right now in this exact moment. 

So, if space or time travel is possible, they would come from the past, not the future, which hasn’t happened. 

There have been many UFO sightings lately, but most are probably fake photoshopped images or US Airforce experimental stealth aircraft. 

The nearest star system to us is Proxima Centauri. Proxima's distance is 4.2 light-years. Using Voyager 1 technology, it would take us 80,000 years to travel to Proxima Centauri. 

The fastest speed of a spaceship is much less than the speed of light, and Earth is 40,208,000,000,000 km away. 

Let’s say it takes ten years to travel, so aliens need 20 years of fuel for energy, food, and water. 

If they are highly intelligent, why are they here? Perhaps they are spying on us to see how we live. Maybe even helping us in our evolution?

I just had a thought thinking outside the box. What if we are the aliens? 

Let me explain. Suppose the Earth was destroyed more than 10,000 years ago, and maybe some native people survived. 

Then many aliens decided to colonize Earth as it was still habitable. 

The Chinese people settled in the mountains and built a great wall to keep the indigenous people away. 

The German clan settled in Europe, and the Greeks and Egyptians arrived surrounding the Mediterranean Ocean. 

A clan took over the northern regions of Russia and Scandinavia. 

Another family line came and settled in South America, spreading into Central America. But what about Easter Island? 

If it's possible, the aliens could check up on their ancestors and monitor their progress. 

I think it makes more sense than the idea that modern civilization started in Africa and then spread worldwide while changing people's appearances and languages.

Metaphysics texts offer another explanation. 

They say that Planet Earth was established as a free-will planet. Earth citizens have been given the gift of free will, which means we can do whatever we want. 

The focus is on Earth at this time to see if we make the right decisions or continue to destroy the planet. 

That's why the "Aliens" are watching us to know what happens. 

Will free will win the prize for the best planetary evolution of consciousness, or are we going to fail and disappoint our common Source that created the universe? 

Time will tell, so place your bets.  

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