Big Bang Physics

Big Bang Physics

How did energy create the universe? What kind of quantum fluctuations took place during the physics of the Big bang event? I have ideas that answer all these questions and more.

Scientists have proved that high energy photons such as gamma rays can create a composite of antimatter and matter.

Electron-positron pairs created by gamma rays are a mixture of antimatter and matter. 

We don’t know what kind of energy exists in a nonphysical source outside of the universe that created the big bang?

Nonetheless, it must have been a high energy type of photon radiation. 

Perhaps, a kind of tachyon radiation that can move faster than the speed of light?  

A lot of energy was released when the photon radiation entered a phase transition separating a nonphysical dimension from a physical dimension. 

A phase transition is the quantum energy bridge between different forms of energy.

For example, when the ice melts it needs a bit more energy to turn into water. 

This extra energy is the phase transition bridge between one form and another form of the same energy/matter. 

Whatever kind of radiation entered the physical universe it had to get past a major bridge that exists between the nonphysical and physical dimensions.

That bridge is the critical phase transition between our physical existence and the nonphysical dimensions that created the universe. 

What happened when a nonphysical form of energy entered into that quantum bridge to convert the energy into a physical substance?

Well, high energy radiation such as tachyons that are massless must have gone past the phase transition bridge where it became a physical form of radiation. 

The first Quantum Reaction  

The first quantum reaction during the physics of the Big bang event would be the phase transition bridge. 

We know that high energy photon radiation can create energies that have opposite qualities of charge/spin.

Namely, the energy of the oneness of Source split into antimatter and normal matter/energy types upon exiting the phase transition. 

When these 2 types of energies touch each other they react violently and annihilate each other. But that didn’t happen… 

Step 2 Quantum Reaction

To prevent the two different energies from annihilating each other they must have been separated into two different areas or dimensions.

The two opposite energy types have an opposite charge or spin and they must be moved away from each other into their own place or dimension of the universe. 

This separation of energy would explain why there is only normal matter in our universe. 

The antimatter must have gone into another area or parallel dimension in the universe.

Step-3 Quantum Reaction

During the separation of these energies, they must have been entangled. Einstein called it spooky action at a distance.

What that means is the energies are connected by a quantum action called entanglement. 

They are still connected to each other by distance and time. What happens to one dimension happens to the other dimension. 

If/when these energies meet they will annihilate each other ending the universe and sending all the energy back to the Source.

The flow of energy arrives into the 3rd dimensions and moves back to the Source.

Step-4 Quantum Reaction 

When the entangled energies separated they lost a big part of the total energy from the Source. 

This would cause a contraction or deflation of the initial energy and they would move into the much smaller 5th dimensions. 

Therefore, energy cools and shrinks in size during the movement into the 5th dimensions. 

Instead of the theory of inflation expanding the universe in a tiny fraction of a second, the energy deflates from all angles into a smaller area/dimension. 

There is no singularity and no inflationary reaction needed! 

This explains how the Universe became such a huge size with such an even temperature and in such a short time.

Step-5 Reaction

The swift deflation of energy continues at the speed of light and enters into a phase transition that moves energy to the lower energy 4th dimensions. 

During the phase transition, the energy might have changed to a lower photon energy type.

Namely, the 4th dimension energy could be weaker and continue to decrease in size resulting in another phase transition into the 3rd dimension.

A side note: the 4th and 5th dimensions might hold some of the original energy that didn’t go into the phase transition leading to the 3rd dimension.

Step-6 Reaction

The phase transition into the 3rd dimension continues as energy enters the lowest physical dimension.

Lowering the energy frequency into photons created a Photon Era also called the opaque era because of the massive amount of radiation.

During this era electrons and quarks and gluons are created.

Step-7 Reactions

The dark Era begins when all the light energy has been used up and the plasma of quarks, gluons, and electrons change into atoms of hydrogen and helium.

Then none of the original radiation energy is left as the 3rd dimension is without light. 

Step-8 Reaction

After about 380,000 years the universe is transparent and the first light of the energy from creation is visible as the cosmic microwave background (CMB). 

The homogeneous and isotropic nature of the CMB is a result of the way the energy was blended during the deflation period from the 5th to the 3rd dimension.

It also answers the question of why the universe looks the same in every direction instead of being from a point source like the Big bang suggests. 

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Step-9 Reactions

Gravity starts to collect hydrogen and helium gasses into clumps and the force of gravity causes fusion reactions and stars are born.

Finally, the universe has light created by stars and the Dark Era is over.

Due to the enormous amount of raw material, many stars grow so large that they end in a supernova reaction.

This creates black holes and allows galaxies to form around the massive gravity around enormous black holes. 

Step-10 Reaction

About 6 billion years after the Big bang event the universe begins an inflationary phase.

Black holes have been sending matter into the strong gravitational field inside the event horizons for the past 5 billion years.

There is a similar phase transition inside black holes as there was during the start of the universe. 

The reverse of the Big bang happens as energy or matter goes into black holes.

The strong gravity sends the matter past a phase transition inside black holes that moves the energy into a higher energy dimension. 

This results in the matter going into the 4th and 5th dimensions.

We are calling this lost energy as dark energy because it has vanished yet we can still feel the effects of gravity into our dimension. 

Step-11 Reaction

Here we are in the 3rd dimension after 13.8 billion years. We notice that our dimension has only about 5% of the original mass of the universe.

The rest of the missing mass is dark mass and dark energy in another dimension of the Universe.

We are starting to understand how the Universe works. Eventually, all the material in the universe will be in the 4th and 5th dimensions. 

That means that our 3rd dimension gets less dense and has less gravity, while the 4th dimension has most of the mass and its stronger gravity spills into our dimension.

Now we realize where the dark matter is and why it’s making the universe expand and accelerate towards the larger 4th dimension. 

Energy flow from the 3rd dimension into higher frequencies using black holes.

Step-12 Reaction

Eventually, the 3rd dimension will be entirely inside the 4th dimension.

But, black holes will continue to send matter into the 5th dimension.

We will notice our expansion continuing until we are totally in the 5th dimension.

The final quantum reaction occurs when our normal matter expands into the 6th dimension and the antimatter dimension does the same.

The reverse of the Big bang event happens as matter annihilates the physical dimensions and sends all the energy back to the Source dimension.

The life of this Universe has ended and perhaps we (our souls) have moved into other areas of the Source. 

Other Big Bang Problems

Other Big bang problems are solved using this model of creation. 

The uniformity and the shape of the Universe can be explained using the idea of dimensions.

The total amount of energy that created the universe is a finite amount. 

Therefore the universe cannot be a flat shape as astronomers have shown it to be. 

A flat shape implies an infinite universe that isn’t possible from a finite amount of energy.

A spherical shape universe is the most likely model since energy in all forms stays together by the force of gravity.

It might look a lot like an onion shape with the onion layers separated by membranes of energy.

The smallest and most dense is the central 3rd dimension that expands into the 4th dimension and so on. 

Black holes collect the entropy of photons and neutrinos as energy moves into black holes, into a phase transition, and into the next dimension. 

The last problem of the Big bang inflation theory is the lack of monopoles in the universe. 

This theory solves that problem as well. 

The onion analogy of how the universe entered the 3rd dimension and

How energy moves back into higher frequencies and back to Source. 

The dark matter problem is solved and the reason for having black holes is solved.

Finally, the question of what happens in the future of the universe is solved.


 Dimensions are the tools needed to make a Universe Erik Lovin 2018 

Could it be that this was/is the correct version of the physics of the Big bang that created the Universe?

This model seems to answer all the questions about the Big bang event.

Using the model of various dimensions makes more sense than trying to fit the entire Universe into the 3rd dimension where we live. 

The flow of matter and antimatter makes sense as it explains what happened to antimatter during the Big bang event and finally antimatter is the key to the end of times.

Because nothing lasts forever if it has a beginning it must have an ending. 

The only question I have is this. Why is it so hard to imagine these answers?

Is it because most of us have a veil, like a matrix preventing us from imagination?

Einstein said imagination is more powerful than knowledge because knowledge only goes so far but imagination goes everywhere. 

My goal is to show a new model of the Universe that makes sense and answers all the questions that scientists can’t seem to answer. 

This brief article will be in my new book with additional content to support my new ideas about the science of Cosmology. 

If you agree with my ideas go to my website and join my blog. 

About the Author Erik Lovin

Erik has a BSc degree and is a retired professional photographer who is now a published author of many books. His passion is understanding how life and the universe work. He is currently blogging about the science of the Big Bang and science in your life. Erik is helping his tribe with questions about the universe. His goal is to help find a theory of everything (TOE). In order to do that, he is trying to prove light has mass and that the fabric of spacetime is a false theory. We are welcoming questions and answers that you might have about the universe.

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