A New Theory of The Universe

A New Theory of the  Universe

The Universe is a Creation

To ask what, how, or where the Universe comes from is asking what is beyond the material world. To create something, there must be a desire, an idea, science, tools, matter, and energy. 

The birth of the Universe and the birth of a baby use a process of transforming energy into matter. Today you're going to learn how fantastic you are and how incredible the Bubble Universe is. Let me explain.

How could the Universe come from nothing? It didn't come from nothing!! The energy contained in the Universe comes from and is attached to our infinite Source. 

The current theory of the Big Bang explains that an inflationary reaction from a singularity sent energy into space in a tiny fraction of a second. 

But the theory doesn't answer where the energy came from or how it happened so unbelievably fast. 

We couldn’t explain what happened before the Big Bang because we didn't understand the structure of the Universe. Until now!!

Why is There Something Instead of Nothing?

Let me explain the process. We understand that something can't come from nothing. Nothingness doesn't exist.

We need to switch our minds to think of possibilities. The answer is so simple, yet it goes against our belief system. 

Obviously, the Universe came from another dimension. Why is that so hard to imagine? 

Dimensions in this context are not spatial dimensions but containers or energy systems. 

Furthermore, science is a brain activity, while consciousness is a dimension of the mind.  

Matter can be physical or nonphysical, depending on the frequency of atoms.

Some familiar things are nonphysical such as gravity, magnetism, and thoughts.

The Source of consciousness is formless; however, something can't exist without a mind or purpose for it to exist. 

The ultimate Truth is that the Universe was created by the Source of consciousness and placed into a physical container of space.

How Many Dimensions Exist?

Let's keep it simple. Only two realms or dimensions exist, the nonphysical and physical dimensions. The Universe contains both a physical and a nonphysical dimension. 

The nonphysical dimension is the Source of everything. It’s eternal and contains the Universe and an infinite amount of energy and consciousness. 

A physical dimension has four energy levels of decreasing vibration. Energy will transition into matter if the frequency is low enough. 

Consider that water has four energy levels. Water can exist as a solid, a liquid, a gas, or a plasma. The most abundant matter in the universe is plasma, which is the substance of stars. 

The Universe contains Dark Energy and high-frequency energy in black holes. 

My point is that if high-frequency levels of energy decrease beyond a specific vibration, it becomes physical matter.

The Universe is a physical dimension inside an infinite nonphysical dimension. 

This scenario explains why the observable universe looks the same in every direction. 

In other words, the universe is a bubble of energy having a low enough frequency to be physical. Think of it as The Bubble Theory of the Universe. 

Who Created the Universe?

Religions say God created the Universe. But God didn’t create the Universe! 

The English name God means the Oneness of energy and the Source of everything. 

God is Pure thought and Consciousness, and it filters down into levels of consciousness. 

The Source provides the energy and intelligence that steps down into lower vibrations for consciousness to use. There is nothing greater or beyond this Oneness. 

The nonphysical, boundless, omnipotent- all-powerful, omnipresent-everywhere, omniscient- all-knowing, eternal energy is the Source of everything. 

God is simply the Source of everything and the ultimate Source of consciousness that wants to know more about everything. Just like we want to know more and be more.  

God's infinite power and knowledge lacked companionship and physical experience; eventually, God's desire became the power of creation.

God desired to be more and learn more, so God created an infinite amount of Souls who became the architects of the Universe. 

This metaphysics information comes from a book titled The I Am Presence. 

There is a saying that the Soul knows that it’s the consciousness, but the consciousness doesn’t know it’s the Soul. 

God's consciousness chooses to experience limitation to be more and learn more. 

God desires to experience everything and is experiencing within the consciousness of Souls.

The Universe Was Created for Us

Why was this Universe created, and why are we here? Allow yourself to believe that you are one of God’s Souls experiencing life. 

The truth is that Souls created the Universe and you are here experiencing and learning how to use their creation. 

The Universe is a desire from a thought of consciousness seeking to know more and be more. 

The science of creation required finding how to lower energy levels into physical form and place it into a floating bubble inside infinity. 

Imagine a soda bottle with a bubble of air rising to the surface. The Universe is like a bubble surrounded by the Source of infinity.

The reason for living is to experience and evolve consciousness for the Source. 

You are Source consciousness experiencing and being the I Am Presence. 

Ask not what consciousness can do for you. Ask what you can do for consciousness.

We are Messengers for God

Always ask yourself, is this all there is? Try to make sense of who you are and why you're in the Universe. 

Einstein said, “Two things are infinite: the Universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure of the Universe.”

What man calls science, religions call God. We are not here to worship God

We are searching for experiences that help us understand the mind of consciousness. 

But more importantly, learning to become greater than we can imagine. Einstein said, “Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.”

Let's put our stupidity aside and use religion and science as tools to understand that we are messengers seeking experiences of consciousness. 

With our experiences, we evolve our Soul, and our Soul evolves God.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Master builders created the Universe for God.

  2. Two dimensions make up the Universe; the physical and nonphysical

  3. God is the nonphysical Oneness of Consciousness.

  4. The Universe was created for the experience of being physical.

  5. We are souls experiencing and learning about life and love. 

  6. You are a physical expression of God experiencing consciousness.

  7. It's your life, but the consciousness is your Soul.

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