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The Science of Getting Rich -Part Two

Science of Getting Rich - Part Two  (Increase of life) Part one of the science of getting rich is that "Thoughts Are Things."  Part two explains why consciousness seeks to increase life.

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Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts Are Things! Your Mind is Thinking... Our beautiful mind creates thoughts into things.Our mind has many remarkable properties giving us the power of thought in a universe that seems

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Does the Speed of Light Affect How We View Time and Space?

Does the Speed of Light Affect How We View Time and Space? The speed of light doesn't affect time and space, but it affects our thoughts. Space is massless and untouchable. Time is a concept

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The Ultimate Meaning of Consciousness

The Ultimate Meaning of Consciousness What is consciousness?  Consciousness is a fascinating but elusive phenomenon. It has been impossible to specify what it is, what it does, or why it has

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