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The Amazing Light We See

The Amazing Light We See  Let's talk about the amazing light that gives us our vision of the world. My first book in the series Einstein was about light. Einstein: Blindsided By The Light

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Do We Have Proof That General Relativity Bends Space

Do We Have Proof That General Relativity Curves Space People refer to Einstein’s relativity as proof that the curvature of space causes gravity. There’s no “proof” that Einstein’s relativity

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Does Light Have Mass?

Does Light Have Mass? Light consists of photons. The question is, do photons have a mass? I think that photons have mass, just like neutrinos have mass. Scientists thought neutrinos were

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The 4th Dimension Is Motion

The 4th Dimension Is Motion The universe has three spatial dimensions of movement, but everything is static until something moves. We could consider the motion in the universe as the 4th dimension. What

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