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Why Does Light Have A Speed Limit?

Why Does Light Have a Speed Limit?   Here is a straightforward answer.  The universe began moving into space at the speed of light about 13.8 billion years ago.  And it’s

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Telescopes Are Time Machines

Telescopes Are Time Machines  Some scientists say telescopes are time machines because they look into the past, but I have an issue with that. I think the future doesn’t exist. The past has

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Can you Age less in a stronger gravity?

Can you Age less if you live in an environment with more Gravity? No, definitely not. Clocks tick slower in more gravity, but the time on clocks has nothing to do with aging. The force of gravity

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Can We Measure Time?

Can We Measure Time? Can we measure time? In my book Einstein: Misled By Time, I conclude that Einstein made a mistake in Relativity by measuring time. Here is another attempt to show that Einstein

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What Is Time Dilation?

What is Time Dilation? Time dilation is a change in a clock's time due to a force such as gravity. I often say time has no power to change anything. But a GPS clock’s time could change using

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