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James Webb Telescope Results: My Evaluation

James Webb Telescope Results: My Evaluation The  James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has looked deeper into the universe than ever before and has produced incredible and detailed images for us. One

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Is Time an Illusion?

Is Time an Illusion? You might say time isn't an illusion because you see the time on clocks. However, the time on clocks doesn't do anything and has no real power whatsoever. A clock is a tool

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How Do We Exist At The Same Time?

How Can You and I Exist At the Same Time? We have empirical proof that we exist at the same time. But using the word “time” makes it an interesting question. The definition of time doesn’t exist

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When You Look at Stars Do You See the Past?

When you look at stars, do you see the past?No. Here’s why. When distances are far away, you don’t see reflected light. You can only see the light source. The light isn’t an image of objects; the

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