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How Was Time Invented and Why?

How Was Time Invented, and Why? Humans invented clocks from the daily motion of the Sun. The Egyptians used a water clock in the 16th century BC. Then the ancient Romans made the first clock by measuring

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What is Entanglement of Matter?

What is Entanglement of Matter? What is entanglement of matter? Einstein said entanglement is “Spooky action at a distance.” He didn’t believe in the idea, but experiments have shown that quantum

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Einstein’s Idea of Time

Einstein's Idea of Time  Newton said time and space are absolute. Einstein said time and space are relative. The truth disagrees with them both, and I have a new idea of time. Scientists made

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Do You Understand Time?

Do You Understand Time? "Time" is absolute and moves at a constant motion at the speed of light. We call the motion "time," but it’s motion, and we measure motion with clocks. (Erik Lovin)Motion moves.

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Your Relationship With Time

 Your Relationship With Time Much of the science on the internet makes the mistake of thinking that time exists without clocks. Listen, when I say clocks, I mean any device that shows the time. I

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