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The Concepts of Newton vs. Einstein

The Concepts of Newton vs. EinsteinThings are not what they seem when time and gravity are not treated properly. (Erik Lovin)Special Relativity came out in 1905, and Einstein said time is relative, but

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The Story of A Miracle At Easter. True or False

The Story of a Miracle at Easter. True or False  The story of the Miracle at Easter is a Christian religious story about the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Was the event a miracle

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Moving At The Speed Of Light

Moving At the Speed of Light The past is becoming now, the present is happening now, and the future is starting now. The present moment is happening to you and the universe simultaneously. The

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Simultaneous Time And Absolute Simultaneity

Simultaneous Time and Absolute Simultaneity When something happens at the exact moment as something else, it's said to be simultaneous or happening at the same time. Einstein pointed out that

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