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Time is Relative to Gravity

Time is Relative to Gravity Time is relative to gravity, and gravity is a property of matter. Time is what a clock shows, and we use time to measure the speed and duration of daily events. Time

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The Frequency of Energy

The Frequency of Energy Nikola Tesla said, "To understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations."Einstein's photoelectric effect proved that the frequency of light determines

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Simultaneity and the Present Moment

 Simultaneity and The Present MomentThe motion in the universe is happening at the same moment everywhere. Clocks are made to measure the motion of Earth’s rotation and tick at the same speed

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Our Life Force Energy

Our Life Force Energy Our Life Force Energy, Prana, Qi, and Chi are all the same, and inside all matter on Earth. In Hinduism, the life force energy or Prana is physical, mental, and spiritual

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