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The Expansion of the Universe

 The Expansion of the UniverseAstronomers say that the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light. They measured the distance to galaxies and found that the farther away a galaxy is,

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The Start of Time

 The Start of Time At the Big bang event, photon radiation entered the universe. The energy was equal to the frequency of the photons moving at the speed of light. Is there a relationship between

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Your Big Bang Event

 Your Big Bang Event People say that time started at the Big Bang, or The Big Bang exploded and time began. They think that time had the power to create the universe and that time continues

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The Science of Time (In Your Life)

 The Science of Time (in Your Life)We live in a modern society where time controls everything we do or plan to do. We use timekeeping tools such as clocks and calendars to keep track of our lives. The

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Einstein’s Errors In Relativity

 Einstein’s Errors in RelativityThis article isn't about fixing Einstein's errors but knowing why they need fixing. Your first step in understanding something isn't how something works but why

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