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Is Time Moving Faster?

Is Time Moving Faster?Is time moving faster? Time doesn't move; things move. Time is what a clock shows. A clock's ticking moves, and the display of time moves. But if you think that the days are

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Faster Than Light Speed

Faster Than Light SpeedIs faster than light speed possible? Read this article to the end for a surprising answer.Are you a fan of science fiction movies? My favorite science fiction show was Star Trek. The

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The Relationship Between Gravity and Time

 The Relationship Between Gravity and Time Most of the science on the internet makes the mistake of thinking that time exists without clocks. They misunderstand that gravity affects physical clocks

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The Ultimate Definition of Time

The Ultimate Definition of Time Motion is measured with a clock. Therefore, time is the measurement of motion. Time and motion move together, and time is what a clock shows. The planets orbit

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