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What Are Dimensions

What Are Dimensions?What are the dimensions that allow the universe to exist? Do we live inside dimensions?There are 3 spatial dimensions to every object or container. We use all 3 dimensions to

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The Time of Our Life

The Time of Our LifeDo you remember when you had the time of your life? Thank god for memories. How often do you recall the great moments in your life? Sometimes I want to go and experience it again or

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Gravity is Alive in Amazon

Gravity is Alive in AmazonA new theory of gravity is in the bookstore on Amazon. I'm so excited to tell you the news!!!  I promised to give everyone my free eBook that explains gravity. It's

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A New Theory of Gravity

A New Theory of Gravity I am super excited to announce that my New Theory of Gravity will be published in a few days. It takes a lot of work, imagination, intuition, and thinking to develop something

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Gravity is a Force, Right

Gravity is a Force, Right? I am on track to publish my book soon, maybe by next week.  You can help me by opening my emails and ask any questions you might have about gravity. Here is a

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Gravity is a Force

Gravity Is a Force I missed talking to you when I lost my sense of time. I was thinking about how time and gravity affect our lives. That's my excuse for neglecting my blog post schedule this week.Anyhoo,

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