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Gravity is Serious

Gravity is Serious      Gravity can be a solemn, harsh, and serious word. We experience it every day, but we don't know what causes the force of gravity. Einstein said that gravity isn't

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Top 10 Reasons Why The Pandemic is Awesome

Top 10 Reasons Why the Pandemic is Awesome    The top ten reasons why the pandemic is awesome. My apologies if some of the reasons are funny and some not. I get it. But here is my list,

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Is Consciousness The Life Force?

Is Consciousness the Life Force?     Is Consciousness the Life Force energy that makes us human and maintains our health? Does the life force keep us alive and provide us with consciousness?

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What is Consciousness?

What is consciousness?     Consciousness is the ability to know that you exist and that you are aware of yourself as a separate entity having free will. Our physical, mental, and emotional

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