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Attracting Abundance: How To Think

Attracting Abundance: How to Think         When I was studying the “Secret” of the Law of Attraction I noticed that there is something missing. Attracting abundance isn’t

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Magic, Science, and Religion

Magic, Science, and Religion         Do you believe in magic? I think that you believe in magic even if you don’t realize it. Everyone has a belief system of some kind, and

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Black Holes Finally Explained

Black Holes Finally ExplainedBlack holes started forming in the early universe before galaxies existed. The early universe was 93% hydrogen which quickly turned into giant stars. When these

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A Story of the Miracle at Easter

A Story of the Miracle at EasterThe Miracle at Easter is such an unbelievable story or event that many think it isn’t possible. The church has many miracles that are part of a common theme concerning

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