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What Dimension Are We In

What Dimension Are We InDimensions are misunderstood by most people but it’s not your fault. Mathematicians know only the 3-spatial dimensions, up-down. Left-right, and in-out. If you measure an object

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A New Energy

A New EnergyThere is a new kind of energy in our level of the universe. Most of us have heard of the new coronavirus called COVID-19. You have heard the news and seen how many people are dying from it.

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What is Time Definition

What is Time DefinitionWhat is time is not the same as what time is it. Time is something that we don’t understand. We use some kind of instrument like a clock to measure time and to tell the time of

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Einstein’s Theory of Time

Einstein’s Theory of Time Einstein’s relativity theory of time states that time changes depending on your frame of reference, and that the faster you travel the slower time moves. Let’s look at some

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